Collaboration between POSTECH and SK Hynix
Collaboration between POSTECH and SK Hynix
  • Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2012.09.26 19:30
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Rewrite History of Collaboration
POSTECH and SK Hynix are preparing to open a new chapter of collaboration by new concept of striking hands with each other. The signing ceremony for SK Hynix-POSTECH collaboration agreement was held on Sep. 12 in the auditorium of the admi- nistration building. To celebrate the collaboration, Oh Chul Kwon, President & CEO of SK Hynix, gave a special lecture titled “Future of Digital Technology” to the members of POSTECH in international conference room at POSCO Internat- ional Center.
The previous collaboration was led by companies, but this collaboration aims to establish a firm cooperative relationship that will esta- blish win-win growth. POSTECH will take “high-risk and high-return” studies that require creativity and innovation because comp- anies have to make gains through a sound investment. Based on the fruition of studies of POSTECH, companies could produce progressive products and create certain industries. It is a new collaboration model of R & D.
According to this agreement, SK Hynix will provide 100 million KRW as a support fund of education and 600 million KRW as joint research funds per year for five years.
CEO Oh stated, “The collaboration between POSTECH and SK Hynix is expected to act as a model for making a remarkable growth of industry, as this is a new concept of collaboration.”