POSTECH Researchers Receive Presidential Post-doc . Fellowship
POSTECH Researchers Receive Presidential Post-doc . Fellowship
  • Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2012.09.26 19:26
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Research Professor Jum Suk Jang and Dr. Kim, Tae-Wook (Post Doc.) who has a doc-toral degree from the School of Environ-mental Science and Engineering in POSTECH, received a presidential Post-doc. fellowship. Presidential Post-doc. fellowship aims to foster next-generation researchers and is supported by NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea). Twenty post-doctors were selected this year, but only these two post-doctors were selected from POSTECH.
Through the Presidential Post-doc. fellowship, two post-doctors will be supported about 150 million KRW for research funds annually for five years including 42 million KRW for personal expenditure.
Prof. Jum plans to develop high efficiency materials of photo-electrode that could be used in producing energy and environmental cleanup. Dr. Kim Tae-Wook plans to study of how air contaminants affect marine environment.