Improve Efficiency of PV Cell
Improve Efficiency of PV Cell
  • Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2012.09.05 20:35
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Professor Taiho Park (CE) and Jong-min Choi (CE Ph.D candidate) developed a tech- nology that im- proved efficiency of photovoltaic cell using titanium diox- ide (TiO2) nanotube with holes on both sides.
To produce nanotubes, Prof. Park had used anodic oxidation method in which aluminum is put in electrolyte solution. However, this method made the movement of electrolytes difficult because the holes were only made on one side of nanotubes.
The effective collection of electrical charges improved from 75% to 90% and the efficiency of photoelectric-transformation also improved from 7.3% to 8.6%. Prof. Park emphasized, “TiO2 nanotubes can utilize photo catalysis, battery, and censor as well as photovoltaic cell. The prospect of this technology is bright.”
The article was published in Chemical Communications, a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.