Kim Receives First Young Scientist Award
Kim Receives First Young Scientist Award
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2012.02.10 18:48
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Ph. D. candidate Kitae Kim, advised by Professor Wonyong Choi of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, received the “1st Jae-gyu Jeon Young Scientist Award” on Dec. 30, 2011.

He was recognized for outstanding research results in discovering the role of ice in freeze concentration effect and the changes of soil during the freezing effect within the ice. Kim even visited both the King Sejong Station of the South Pole and the Dasan Korean Arctic Station of the North Pole for his research.

This award was first established this year to commemorate the self-sacrifice and passion for Polar Regions of the late Jae-gyu Jeon who passed during a rescue mission at the King Sejong Station back in 2003.