Sneak-a-peek of New Regulations and Refresh
Sneak-a-peek of New Regulations and Refresh
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2012.02.10 18:34
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▲ The logo of the 26th UA Refresh

Most students avoid reading about student regulations because they are boring and difficult to understand. More than a full month ago, the 26th undergraduate association (UA), under the motto “Refresh,” was launched with the new set of regulations. Begun two years ago, the student regulations modification has stirred heated discussions because there was a clear need of modification and sophistication. In this article, The POSTECH Times summarizes the top three changes in the regulations and the top three goals of Refresh in the first semester.

Student Regulations

1.Establishment of an all student representative council
The former regulations installed the representative council, which consisted of the representatives of independent student organizations, and the department representative council, which consisted of only the presidents of each of ten departments. Problems arose because these councils only represented a very limited portion of the student body and each department’s general meeting, which holds the highest priority in the student legislation, cannot be held readily. The introduction of an all student representative council will resolve this problem by creating a sufficiently large council that both represents a larger portion of the student body and can be called to meetings more readily.

2.Establishment of the Central Executive Committee
One of the important duties of the UA president is to oversee all the student organizations. Structurally, however, the former regulations forced the president to allocate most resources towards managing the duties of the UA itself. This introduction should allow more interaction between the president and the student organizations.

3.Establishment of the Student Class Council
A student class at POSTECH serves purposes beyond the undergraduate studies. It developed into a unique social identity that facilitated social life of Postechians over the years. In the new regulations, this council is officially recognized as an independent student organization, and its members will now seek ways to assist social interactions among the classes even further.

Goals of Refresh

1.Reinforce communication and cooperation among the student organi-zations
Refresh will provide oppor-tunities for the organizations of similar functions to communicate. It is expected to invigorate each organization and the overall execution capacity of UA as a whole.

2.Construction of Database and accumulation
The compilation of bits of data from previous UA will vastly improve the quality of the entire UA and make a foundation for accumulation of historical records. It is also expected to expedite the change-over in a smoother mannerfrom year to year.

3.Reorganization of internal commu-nication structure
Currently, the communications between the UA, staffs, students, and faculties are vertical and unilateral in almost all cases. Refresh will seek terms for more “horizontal” discussions.