MSE Students’ Talents Acknowledged
MSE Students’ Talents Acknowledged
  • Reporter Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2011.12.07 00:58
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Students of the Department of Material Science and Engineering were successively awarded prizes from domestic and foreign academic conferences.

Hwang In-Chan (MSE Ph.D candidate, advised by Prof. Moon-ho Jo) was awarded the Young Investigator Award that judges of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference give to a scientist who made a presentation with outstanding research. During the conference, he presented a new model of a RAM cell of a computer and was acclaimed as the researcher who made the best results.

Yoon Eun-yoo (MSE Ph.D candidate, advised by Prof. Hyoung-seop Kim) was awarded the “BeomGu” prize given by the  Asian Powder Metallurgy Association. She published five papers about grain refinement and molding like bulk, which used metal powder. She also contributed to technical improvement of industries, such as POSCO. Study about ultrafine grained bulk presented Joo Su-hyun (MSE Ph.D candidate, advised by Prof. Hyoung-seop Kim) the prize for the best paper in the same conference.

Im Ji-seong (MSE Ph.D candidate, advised by Prof. Sang-ho Oh) got the prize in Nanomechanical Testing in Materials Research and Development. He studied the mechanical effects in the processes of compression-tensile experiments usingnano wire.

The winner of the prize for best paper in ENGE2011 was Jeong Kwan-ho (MSE Ph.D candidate, advised by Prof. Jong-lam Lee.) His research suggested a simulation of clear electrodes of organic solar cell. This research is expected to advance commercialization of the flexible organic solar cell.