[25th Anniversary] Young POSTECH to Make Efforts for Quantum Leap
[25th Anniversary] Young POSTECH to Make Efforts for Quantum Leap
  • Reporter Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2011.12.07 00:55
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POSTECH had a 25th birthday on Dec. 3. As time passed, there were many events and it has matured. For looking back to the past of POSTECH and thinking about the future, The Postech Times interviewed one of the faculties, Professor Suk Min Chung of the Department of Physics who has been teaching since the establishment of POSTECH.

What are your thoughts on the school? 25th birthday?

Nothing special about 25th anniversary but I had affection about POSTECH. I am ashamed rather than congratulant because young POSTECH is losing its passion little by little. At first, as POSTECH was the first research university in Korea, past professors and students were excited by this fact. In those days, they had a passion for making POSTECH world-class university because its existence depended on them. However, nowadays young POSTECH have to redefine its goal rather than to just celebrate the 25th birthday.

What is the most memorable event?

Complement of Pohang light source was the most memorable. It was helpful for POSTECH to grow up. We must forget numerical figure! By redefining its goal, we should accomplish quantum leap thatmeans a sudden very large improvement commonly and electron jump from one orbit to different orbit suddenly in Physics.

What is the concrete plan for quantum leap?

For achievement of quantum leap, all the people in POSTECH will have to be agonized. By doing so, POSTECH could advance in straight line. Specifically, professors have to draw out curiosity, imagination, and creativity from students. As the future of POSTECH is the students, professors should always ponder whether Postechians have curiosity or not. Students should have their independent thought. Now, most students grasp their surroundings by knowledge and if they don’t know something, ask others. The acquisition of knowledge without independent thought won’t bring development. Don’t consider quantum leap irrelevant to you. It depends on you.