Best Brains of Asia Gather at POSTECH
Best Brains of Asia Gather at POSTECH
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2010.09.01 14:23
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AEARU Student Summer Camp 2010


Students from the best research universities in Korea, China, Japan, and Chinese Taipei came together at POSTECH for the ‘Association of Eastern Asian Research Universities (AEARU) Student Summer Camp 2010’ from Aug. 16 to Aug. 21 with 52 students from 17 universities. This year’s title of the camp, designed for constructing relationships among students and enhancing their leadership, was ‘How Can Northeastern Asia Lead the World?’

The schedule of the camp mainly proceeded with workshops and discussions about solutions for restoring trust among Asian countries via national cooperation and the formation of pan-national academic networks. Additionally, events included lectures delivered by Prof. Daniel Suh (‘21C Emerging Asian Economy’) and Prof. Oh Jung-hoon (‘Potentials of Eastern Asian Companies to be Global Enterprises’), as well as a tour of POSTECH, a night of cultural exchange. Tours of POSCO, Gyeongju, and Pohang were also conducted.

AEARU, organized to activate academic exchange among research universities of the East Asian region, continues lively communications through various activities. One of them is the Student Summer Camp, and it has been opened annually in August since 1997 at one of the member universities.