[1st Anniversary] What You Did Not Know About The Postech Times
[1st Anniversary] What You Did Not Know About The Postech Times
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2010.09.01 15:50
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Here Are The Postech Times Makers

Many people have once misunderstood The Postech Times to be an English translated version of the Korean written campus newspaper. It is NOT true. The Postech Times is an independent medium having unique contents, and it is only printed in the same paper. Different reporters belonging to different editor-in-chief write different articles.

Nevertheless, its basic organization is similar to that of The Korean Postech Times. The Publisher is POSTECH President Sunggi Baik, and both the English and Korean divisions are practically managed by the current Editor Professor Park, SangJoon. The Editor Professor leads the tone of The Postech Times, and decides what to be inserted and deleted. If there is any difference from that of Korean, it would be an existence of an English Professor, who revises first edited articles of reporters. Prof. Joshua Snyder is serving for that. The Administrator and Editorial Secretary help typesetting for reporters.

Every new reporter goes through a period of being an assistant reporter. Assistant reporters are basically in charge of news articles. After a half year, they are promoted to reporters and can be responsible for various articles. When reporters reach their junior year, they become Associate Editors and one of them becomes Editor-in-chief.


Production Process of The Postech Times

Editorial meeting

Right after publishing the previous issue, reporters have a meeting to choose what contents will be inserted and how the tone of contents will be described in the next issue. Besides, reporters have self-reflection and give feedback to each other about the previous issue. Report articles, which place emphasis on timeliness, will be allocated by the editor-in-chief when issues occur.

Preparing an article

Each reporter is entirely responsible of preparing an article including a news collection, article request, material gathering and document writing. The Postech Times comes out every three weeks, and then preparation of articles should be finished a week before publishing for smooth progress.

Revision and typesetting

The editor-in-chief examines articles and points out some parts which should be adjusted. After that, the English Professor checks if there are any grammatical errors in texts. The Editor Professor also checks the suitability of each article. Finally, at the last meeting held on the day before publication the final articles are accepted. Typesetting is done by the Administrator.

Printing and distribution

After the last meeting, The Postech Times sends its newspaper to Gomundang, a printing office in Daegu. The circulation of The Postech Times is 12,000, including 2,200 copies on campus and 8,700 copies outside. The Postech Times is offered at several sites on campus, and it is also dispatched to other universities, alumni, and the news media.


We Hope to Be Such Reporters

 ▲Reporters who feel a sense of responsibility to provide right information to readers
 ▲Reporters who take care of readers about what they need
 ▲Reporters who can sincerely give a piece of advice for POSTECH and Postechians
 ▲Reporters who are proud of our job as chroniclers of POSTECH
 ▲Reporters who give top priority to The Postech Times above any extracurricular activities
 ▲Reporters who always desire better text, content, and editing.

The Postech Times is currently welcoming a new recruit. If you have any interest, please contact us through eng-reporter@.