Intl. Seminar of Admission Officers Held
Intl. Seminar of Admission Officers Held
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2010.05.19 13:19
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On May 6, an international seminar of admissions officers was held in the POSCO International Center. With a variety of participants including students, teachers, professors, parents, and related officers, presentations of each admission officer about respective admission systems were given.

After the introduction welcoming speech, three presenters, Professor Moo Hwan Kim, the POSTECH Director of Admissions, Prof. Moon Heung Ahn, the former Director of Admissions of Konkuk University, and Ray Prado, the Caltech Director of Admissions introduced the respective admission system of each university. As POSTECH was founded to be a top-class research-oriented university like Caltech, its director was invited.

The main purpose of the seminar was to exchange information among the universities and a diverse range of people and to promote admission system of POSTECH. The Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has renovated the admission system from the existing one which depends upon test-ranking to a new system focused on potential and passion toward the major. The overall project, started in 2008, is expected to be finished by 2012, and POSTECH has been selected as one of the leading universities of innovation.

POSTECH drafted its entire 300-student Freshman class under the new admission system first in Korea last year, and it is gathering feedback from various points of view, to revise and complete the new system. It is expected that the new admission system can contribute to the realization of Vision 2020.