Opportunity of Learning and Tasting Wine
Opportunity of Learning and Tasting Wine
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2010.05.05 14:24
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▲ Prof. Barlat (GIFT) is delivering a simple lecture about wine.
“In Vino Veritas” or “There’s truth in wine”, the famous Latin phrase said by Roman natural philosopher Pliny the elder, refers to the often confessional loquacity produced by getting drunk. Wine has inspired all sorts of emotions during 10,000 years of human history. Before now, it was once an exclusive property of the western hemisphere; nowadays it is supplied worldwide and has become popular in Asia, too. To follow the trend, the POSTECH Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT) has held a ‘Wine Class’, a brief lecture of learning and tasting wine. The Postech Times visited its site.

It was getting dark at the rooftop lounge of GIFT. As we opened the door and entered, several tables decorated with cheese and snacks welcomed us. There were bottles of wine on tables in front of a screen. People came by twos and threes, including some professors. They seemed to number thirty or more. The class started with the presentation of the manager and a simple lecture of the advisor professor about the foundation of wine and what makes wine tasty. After the lecture, they enjoyed wine while talking to each other.

The evening’s wines were eleven reds and four whites. Most of them came from Australia, and the rest were from France and the USA. The advisor professor was French, but the selection mainly focused on wines of rising producer countries like the Australia,  USA and  Chile rather than wines from Europe.

The Wine Class first opened in 2006, and it became larger and larger from a small meeting of 10 people. It once stagnated, but was reactivated and is now planned to be held monthly. Now, GIFT Professor Frederic Barlat and student Donghwi Kim serve as advisor professor and manager. Its funds have been prepared by GIFT and personal donations. It costs about 250,000 KRW per class. The main purpose of the Wine Class is to give an easy and open opportunity to experience wine and its culture to all GIFT members, including professors, and staff members. Also, it aims to give a chance to interact among the groups of GIFT.

Manager Donghwi Kim said, finishing his explanation, “The GIFT wine class is always open to all POSTECH members. If you are interested in GIFT wine class, don’t hesitate to contact us for participation. You are always welcome”.