Are You Curious About the Brain?
Are You Curious About the Brain?
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2010.03.24 10:20
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Welcoming World Brain Awareness Week, POSTECH’s Brain Research Center, chaired by Prof. Kim Dai-jin of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, held an open lecture titled ‘The Brain, Humans, and Computers’ on Mar. 19.

For the general public a lecture titled ‘The Brain and Consciousness: Why man?’ by Prof. Seunghwan Kim of the Department of Physics and one named ‘Brain-Computer Interface’ by Prof. Kim Dai-jin were delivered, and a laboratory tour was held.

The brain, different from other organs, is still an unexplored field so it is regarded as the last project of the 21st century in the world of science, as it is the passage between the body and the mind as well as the organ which performs highly developed thinking and perception more than just for the management for survival and health.

World Brain Awareness Week, first started in the U.S in 1992 and now held in 57 centuries worldwide in the third week of March annually, has advertised to the general public the importance of brain research. In Korea, the event was held in 10 cities and is in its ninth year.

Prof. Kim Dai-jin, the chairman of Brain Research Center clarified the purpose: “Through the event, brain researchers and common people can recognize the brain and its importance, and I hope youths will be motivated for the dream of becoming brain researchers.”