Inevitable Step for Globalization
Inevitable Step for Globalization
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2010.03.03 23:35
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[Interview] Prof. Dong Wan Cho (Director of the Bilingual Campus Plan)

▲ Prof. Dong Wan Cho, the director of the Bilingual Campus plan
Professor Dong Wan Cho of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, the director of POSTECH Language Education Center, is the systematic operator of the Bilingual Campus plan. The Postech Times visited him and conversed about the details and prospects of Bilingual Campus plan.

Many students are concerned about communication problems in English-delivered lectures.

In the case of the professors, there is no big problem because they have used English in external seminars and conferences. Delivery of content will be achieved without errors. If there is any problem, it will be about smooth progress of lectures. To deal with this, POSLEC is planning to make an English assistance pamphlet consisting of common conversation sentences used in lectures. Also, free talking with foreigners can be provided to develop verbal English.

For students, POSTECH is already enforcing an English certification system. Students above 2nd year who have completed each level can understand English-delivered lectures without problems. Recently, because of a deficiency of English classes, many students have not been able to proceed with certification normally. To solve this, the capacity and number of English classes will be expanded.

Bilingualism in administration seems not to be easy.

Of course, bilingualism in administration is nearly limited to postings which deal with foreigners. Several divisions without any contact to foreigners, like financial parts, will still use Korean. Meanwhile, a census to find staff-members with good skills in English is under way. They will be reassigned to each department. There will be no problem with work. The other deficiency will be solved by education. By the way, from now on, the campus will select new employees with English skills.

There is an opinion that the current plan is a one-sided decision.

This is true. I didn’t enter into the task of deciding the new policy. I only received the directions to take care of operating the new system, and I am following them. People can complain about that. However, a reasonable decision making process needs too much time. To raise speed and efficiency, headquarters skipped the communication process. In this case, it can be interpreted as strong will toward intensive globalization. I can understand.

Reporter Lee Sang-min