Tools for Communication Among Postechians
Tools for Communication Among Postechians
  • Reporter Kim Eun-ji
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Compared to other major universities in Korea, wall posters are rarely seen on POSTECH campus. What is the reason for this? Among the unique areas where Postechians communicate widely, this article will look at 78 Stairs announcements and PosB, the bulletin board system. These two were chosen because of their history and their use by of the majority of Postechians.

◈ 78 Stairs Announcements

Whether you want to or not, there is one kind of announcement that you have no choice but to look at - the 78 Stairs announcement. The 78 Stairs connects the residential area to your classrooms or labs. Although there are ways to avoid looking at the 78 Stairs announcements, such as taking a detour or simply not taking any class taught above the stairs, why resist the temptation to see a unique notice that can only be seen at POSTECH?

What kinds of announcement?

There are no strict restrictions. Usually students from big organizations such as clubs, departments or the planning committees for the Freshman Orientation, Spring Festival and POSTECH-KAIST Science War, notify their upcoming events. Once in a while, unspecified groups of people assemble to voice out their common opinions about a controversy at school or the country.

However, very personal announcements are also made. Sometimes individuals muster the courage to post a brave proposal to their lovers, which naturally becomes the talk of the week and provokes envious jealousy from others. The use of the 78 Stairs is becoming a preferred way to create a memorable event for couples.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Students take two to three trips per day up and down the Stairs on average. People on campus can easily see what events are planned at school and pay attention to them. Another advantage can be observed from an aesthetical point-of-view. Each colorfully and creatively designed notice creates a vigorous atmosphere and relieves some stress when hiking up the 78 dull and grey stone stairs of horror.

Considering disadvantages, one can name a few. A little discomfort from the pieces of paper flapping when the wind blows while commuting can be one. In bad weather, the announcement made with fragile materials can look disordered. This also applies where the clean-up has been done badly and leftovers remain on the stairs.

How to post an announcement

This is general information to those who are curious about how this is done and want to make one yourself. First, look around you and see if you have a couple of good mates who are willing to come out at night and help with the backbreaking procedure (To make one that covers the whole stairs, it is advisable that you bring at least a dozen people). Posting should be done at night, when there are few travelers.

Go to the POSTECH UNION homepage ( and make a reservation, stating the time of notification. One post can be attached for a maximum of 10 days.

Use Excel or the 78 Stairs Announcement program to make your design. Twenty horizontal blocks and 78 vertical spaces are available but you can make a detailed piece, dividing each horizontal block in 4 fragments. Here you have to choose the color and size of paper to manufacture the notice. Buy, cut and paste colored papers with adhesive tape.

◈ PosB

Imagine a student at POSTECH who has just turned on the computer. After surfing through various sites, one lands on PosB (, the most popular communication site at school. PosB was the first private VT based Bulletin Board System (BBS) at POSTECH. Created in 1993, the user population has expanded since PosB was the only BBS available. Initially, students used where boards for different Korean universities coexisted but the majority from POSTECH migrated to PosB after 1993.

What makes PosB attractive?

A VT based system, which is also called teletype network, has its advantage over Web-based systems as it is convenient. The former is constituted of texts so that it is flat and simple without dramatic images or sound, but it is fast. In addition to this, it can be manipulated only with a keyboard; hence, the user does not have to move his or her hand from the mouse to keyboard. Furthermore, glancing at a post does not need a log in from the user.

Writings can be of any topic and be posted freely. People make jokes about a recent hilarious events, create a group board for a social get-together, share opinions about a serious issue at stake, form a sort of flea market to exchange goods and inform others of useful information. Students find using PosB much more casual than posting on POVIS.

Other unique points about PosB are its involvement and accessibility. Since POSTECH is not a large school, students do not need to engage exclusively in a college board like other universities. Also, PosB has its merit over other forms of announcements as people can post big and small notices here so that anyone can see it at anytime and at any place where the Internet is available.