POSTECH Alumni Meeting Held
POSTECH Alumni Meeting Held
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2009.10.14 15:52
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▲ The POSTECH alumni meeting 'POSTECH @ The Ritz 2009' was held in the Seoul Hotel Ritzcarlton on Sep. 23.
“POSTECH @ The Ritz 2009” was the title of the POSTECH  alumni meeting held on Sep. 23 in the Seoul Hotel Ritzcarlton. Nearly 260 alumni and invited guests attended the meeting to reinforce relationships among alumni and reminisce about pleasant memories of their old days at POSTECH.

Starting with opening remarks by the chairman of the POSTECH Alumni Association, the event proceeded with messages from Sunggi Baik, the current president of  POSTECH, an encouraging speech by the representative of Tae-joon Park, the founder of POSTECH, a briefing of the association,  an introduction to Vision 2020, a dinner, and performances by Blue Peanuts, a campus jazz club, and Umchi, an a cappella ensemble.

The 10th chairman of POSTECH Alumni Association, Suk Woo Lee, introduced the main theme of the 10th session, ‘Communication’, explaining that communication is the starting point for a sound functioning Alumni Association. He also suggested the two main roles of alumni, which are activating interactions among alumni for future relationships to construct a strong network of POSTECH alumni in society, and participating in the development of their alma mater in many ways.

The event was peaceful and harmonious from start to end, with warm greetings and chatting about previous times and current issues. Especially, early graduates were deeply moved because they have maintained the Alumni Association and watched the development of POSTECH the longest. At 10:00 PM, the meeting ended, and the old Postechians left the hall preparing for tomorrow as the elites of Korean industry.