Upcoming Event-2009 POSTECH-KAIST Science War on Sep. 18, 19
Upcoming Event-2009 POSTECH-KAIST Science War on Sep. 18, 19
  • Reporter Cho Sung-won
  • 승인 2009.09.02 01:32
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The POSTECH-KAIST Science War has been held seven times at each university since 2002. This year is the 8th competition. Under the name of the Science War, it has the purpose to achieve friendship and harmony between both universities through sports competitions and science contests. KAIST has won one more competition against POSTECH so far. However, as POSTECH has continued in winning the Science War since 2007, one more victory this year would make three consecutive winnings. POSTECH would thus keep the trophy everlastingly, which the winner could take from corresponding year until next competition.

As each university has host the event in turn every other year, it is our turn for this year. It is scheduled from Sep. 18 to 19. The details of events are as follows. First, on the part of science contest, there  will be a science quiz, an artificial intelligence contest, a hacking competition and an egg rocket contest. Second, on the part of sports competition, there will be soccer, basketball, baseball and Star-Craft computer games. All of the events are the same as those of last year except the egg rocket contest. The egg rocket contest is newly created for this year. It is to test how far the rocket can fly with the egg protected.

Besides, there will also be department level interchanges as usual. One tip for POSTECH exchange students, if you would like to join the beer party and dance, go to the front yard of the POSTECH gym to experience the excitement of dance competition with many friends from POSTECH and KAIST at 8 pm on Sep. 18. As POSTECH is the host university for 2009 Science War, it would be best if many POSTECH students watch the matches to cheer on the POSTECH team and have the opportunity to meet new people from KAIST.

Kim Yu-Tae, the chief of 2009 Science War preparation committee said, “I hope everyone can enjoy the moment by participating in a big event and the players try to do their best.