Requests to The Postech Times
Requests to The Postech Times
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Second row : David Monichi(Italy), Shin Chang-ho(Reporter) 
The Postech Times in English was founded to supply articles in English about current events,  announcements, and information around POSTECH or around Korea. In fact, it is intended primarily for international students and faculty. The Postech Times aims to fulfill certain intellectual needs of our foreign community. As a first step, two of our reporters conducted interviews with seven international students of DICE(the Dormitory of International Cultural Exchange) concerning the launch of The Postech Times. They expressed their own views on the whole range of life in POSTECH, and provided clear directions that they think The Postech Times should take.

Shortcomings of being international students in POSTECH.

The problem that immediately came to mind was that English-delivered lectures are not yet suitable for international students. Mr. Kumar Prashant said, “Though professors supply lectures in English, attachments like homework, additional reading, and references are not yet totally delivered in English. I counseled with my professor, and he answered that I could ask for them from Korean classmates. It seems easy, but communication with Korean classmates is not easy.” With the goal of ‘Vision 2020’ to be a global science university, this was a good example that should remind Korean students to give thoughtful consideration.

The other problem is also about the English-delivered lectures. The majority of the comments suggested that English-delivered lectures are often not understandable and that the quality of lectures diminishes. “Usually, I cannot understand the English of lecturers!” commented by Mr. David Monichi.

Surprisingly, their lives have no inconvenience.

Before the interview, the reporters predicted that problems with social life at POSTECH would be a shortcoming. Insufficient infrastructure for foreigners has been one of the reasons why foreigners visit other Asian countries rather than Korea, and it seemed it would be consistent in the case of life at POSTECH. However, the existence of DICE has greatly helped international students. According to interviewees, much information around POSTECH and Pohang is provided there. Tourist guides like those found in hotels and other kinds of materials for foreigners are available at DICE. They added that making close friends can help international students themselves, too.

What do they want The Postech Times to deal with?

Next, we asked them what topics they wanted The Postech Times to deal with. Immediately, so many answers were provided. Mr. Philippe Lavole said, “POSTECH has so many unique events compared with other universities, such as events on the 78 stairs, the Culture Colloquium and some special announcements. We want to know and enjoy these just like other Postechians. But we don’t know what they are because they are always written about in Korean. The Postech Times could deal with such contents. And also an explanation of Korean holidays would be fine.”

And all of interviewees agreed that they wanted us to write articles about Pohang. There are lots of things that interest them outside of POSTECH, especially in Pohang. For example, Pohang’s Sunrise Park as a scenic spot and many famous restaurants outside the campus could be described in The Postech Times. This chance will make the international students in POSTECH feel satisfied and invigorated with life in Pohang.

Also, Alexander Hofmann commented, “It would be better to introduce the international students like us to Postechians. We have little chances to mix with Korean Postechians. It could be a bridge to connect us with them.”

After the interview…

In contrast to predictions for public demands of international students in The Postech Times, they seem to prefer information about Korean culture and social features rather than current information about POSTECH.

These opinions can assist the reporters, and contribute to the development of The Postech Times, thereby offering international people more convenience. The English newspaper is mainly for foreigners. Reporters are ready to provide suitable announcements around POSTECH. We are waiting for your opinions on our newborn newspaper.

We thank the interviewees for their active participation.

Reporter Lee Sang-min
Reporter Shin Chang-ho