Residence College Volunteer Group Tutors Local Children.
Residence College Volunteer Group Tutors Local Children.
  • Reporter Shin Jae-kwang
  • 승인 2009.05.06 10:21
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A visit every week to the Rainbow Children's Center and a sports day.

(Picture) the sports day held on May 2nd at the gym.
A  volunteer group consisting of 35 Residence College(RC) residents visits the local Rainbow Children's Center in Haedo-dong and the Bitsal Children's Center in Songdo-dong every Friday to help students to study.

The volunteer group held a sports day on May 2nd to celebrate Children's Day. On this day, many games such as team jump rope, tug of war, and relay racing were held and gave  the opportunity for enjoyment for both the children and the volunteer group. Many RC residents who are not part of the volunteer group also participated in the activity.

The children's centers provide complete social service to children and juveniles who need protection. This system allows them to be healthy and to grow up under a proper environment. The volunteer group had been tutoring the elementary and middle school student in the subjects of math and science since March 27th for two hours every week. Most of the children who have been tutored are those who have only one or no parents.

Na Sueng Yeop of the RC volunteer group said, "Most of the children in the children's center have a difficult family environment. But every time we go, they greet us with a big smile. Every time they smile at us, we feel that what we are doing is the most worthwhile thing in the world."