Surviving Exam Period at POSTECH: A Culture of Support
Surviving Exam Period at POSTECH: A Culture of Support
  • Reporter Kim Yu-jin
  • 승인 2024.06.12 15:46
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▲Screaming Day at Tae-Joon Park Digital Library
▲Screaming Day at Tae-Joon Park Digital Library

  Exam periods at POSTECH are famous for their intensity, marked by sleep deprivation and a barrage of assignments, making it even harder. Postechians have various ways of relieving stress to overcome these painful times. 

  “Screaming Day,” held by Laon in the Tae-Joon Park Digital Library, is one of the most unique and celebrated events of POSTECH. On the last Friday before the exam week, weary students stressed from preparing for exams gather around the Atrium, facing the open space connecting every library floor. Exactly at midnight, students let out their loudest screams, releasing the accumulated stress with the scream. This semester’s Screaming Day took place on May 31, providing the students with much-needed emotional release. Refreshed students went back to their studies afterward with much lighter hearts.

  The fundamental origin of exam period stress lies in the complex concepts and challenging problems students must master. This is particularly hard for freshmen and sophomores, as they are yet to become accustomed to university-level study. POSTECH aids these difficulties by offering RC Tutoring for RC residents, a Student Mentoring Program (SMP) for various classes, and a Learning Community where students in groups gather regularly to study together. Professors and TAs always welcome questions about the lectures, and their office hours are usually detailed in the course syllabi. Students can also send their inquiries or make an appointment via email.

  Higher-grade seniors, professors, and TAs are just some help students can look for in POSTECH. POSTECH provides numerous spaces for group discussions and collaborative learning, such as Group Study Rooms (GSRs), conference rooms, and various seating areas all over the campus. Popular spots include the library’s GSRs, Mueunjae Memorial Building, Community Center, and CHANGeUP GROUND. These spaces show POSTECH’s commitment to fostering a collaborative learning environment where students can exchange ideas and insights. Students can take advantage of their bright classmates through discussions in this environment.

  Many departments and administrative teams of POSTECH further support students in their tough times with various events, such as handing out snacks and meal boxes for those who are too busy to spare time for a meal. RC also hands out snack packages for its residents, encouraging the freshmen and sophomores in their studies.

  POSTECH’s unique environment cultivates a distinguished exam period culture, with every university community member supporting each other. This culture enables students to successfully show all they have worked hard for and wrap up their semester with pride and satisfaction. This supportive culture lays the groundwork for students to take another leap toward their dreams.