Inaugural Alumni Relay Golden Bell Event at POSTECH
Inaugural Alumni Relay Golden Bell Event at POSTECH
  • Reporter Kwon Moon-hee
  • 승인 2024.06.12 15:45
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▲Attendees striking relay race poses at the Relay Golden Bell
▲Attendees striking relay race poses at the Relay Golden Bell

  On Friday, May 17, the first Alumni Relay Golden Bell event was successfully held at the Log Cabin of POSTECH. This event was organized by APGC-Lab, an on-campus organization supporting the expansion of entrepreneurial culture, to foster networking between alumni and current students. Approximately 300 attendees gathered in a relaxed atmosphere to share various entrepreneurial experiences and insights. The Alumni Relay Golden Bell is a networking event where POSTECH alumni and students exchange experiences and knowledge. The ringing of the Golden Bell symbolizes the provision of food and drinks to everyone gathered at the Log Cabin. The event’s title, “Relay Golden Bell,” reflects the hope that such events will continue in the future, fostering a continuous exchange of ideas and support within the POSTECH community. 

  The event was generously sponsored by 11 alumni, with 6 of them attending in person to grace the occasion. The attendees included Seo Gwang-Yeol (CSE 99), Ahn Hee-Chul (PHYS 03), Kim Jun-Young (CSE 04), Yoon Jin-Sung (ME 05), Yeon Chang-Hak (IME 12), and Park Chan-Hoo (CSE 15). These alumni include successful entrepreneurs who have established their own companies and lawyers who serve as advisors to startups. 

  Key programs of the event included a talk show, free networking sessions, and a beer-drinking contest. During the talk show and networking sessions, participants had the opportunity to hear practical know-how from alumni across various fields and consult about their career and entrepreneurial concerns. The beer-drinking contest added a festive atmosphere as everyone enjoyed the event together. According to a pre-event survey, participants were particularly interested in entrepreneurial experiences in cutting-edge technology fields such as medical AI, sports data analysis, and blockchain-based solutions. Based on this survey, the event was designed to organize tables by areas of interest, creating networking opportunities with alumni who matched those interests. Participants came prepared with various questions about the necessary preparations and the degree of confidence needed before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. These questions led to active Q&A sessions during the free networking time. 

  Seo Gwang-Yeol (CSE 99) expressed his gratitude by saying, “Thank you for inviting me to this relay, and I hope this excellent networking event continues.” Participants also shared their positive feedback, stating, “It was great to hear diverse stories from alumni, and we hope more such events will be held in the future.” 

  APGC-Lab plans to organize more networking events following this one. They aim to create programs that involve a larger number of alumni and students, offering broader networking opportunities through a combination of online and offline events.

  The inaugural Alumni Relay Golden Bell was a meaningful event that strengthened bonds between alumni and students and provided a platform for sharing experiences. We look forward to seeing more events that enable continuous interaction among POSTECH alumni.