Key Takeaways at the Innovation & Start-up Workshop
Key Takeaways at the Innovation & Start-up Workshop
  • Reporter Kim Jin-seong, Lee Jin-ho
  • 승인 2024.06.12 15:40
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▲Reporters and professors participating in the Innovation & Start-up Workshop gather for a group photo at NTUT
▲Reporters and professors participating in the Innovation & Start-up Workshop gather for a group photo at NTUT

  The Postech Times had an amazing opportunity to participate in the Innovation & Start-up Workshop at the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) as one of the major academic events of Taiwan reportage. The main theme of the Innovation & Start-up Workshop was entrepreneurship, where NTUT and POSTECH professors gave lectures for future entrepreneurs. After the lecture, a hands-on discussion was held where participants spoke of their ideas or theories about entrepreneurship. The following are the key takeaways regarding entrepreneurship that could be helpful for future entrepreneurs.

  The definition of entrepreneur varies among researchers. Peter F. Drucker, the father of modern management, states that an entrepreneur is “the one who always searches for changes, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. Furthermore, innovation is the specific tool of the entrepreneur, how he exploits change as an opportunity for a different business or services.” According to the 21st-century economist Joseph Schumpeter, entrepreneurship is “much more than just starting any new business. It introduces revolutionary changes in business methods and practices, including launching outstanding new products, production techniques, and organizational approaches.”

  Economists have pointed out many aspects of entrepreneurship, but a creative approach to problem-solving and perseverance are the two crucial concepts that define entrepreneurship. Elon Musk conceived the idea of reusable rockets and is leading its progression to commercialization—the journey toward realizing reusable rockets involved a decade of enduring technical failures and overcoming financial difficulties. As in the case of Elon Musk’s approach with SpaceX, entrepreneurship can drive profound changes in industries through innovation and perseverance.

  In addition, we can compare entrepreneurship to our lives. It is the power to objectively look at all problems in life and find creative solutions. The power is like a master key that Postechians can apply to any career path. It has the potential to shine in various fields, such as the process of commercializing the product and the process of coming up with innovative ideas while working in the research field.

  First, it can be hard to demonstrate entrepreneurship no matter what career you look at. It can be helpful to participate in various programs held within the school. An example is a startup subject opened in a regular semester or a lecture held by inviting experts. In this way, you must study the idea you want to apply as an item for your field or startup. It is recommended that you proceed with that learning steadily in your undergraduate course. However, it is not easy to choose the right time to start a business. It is because everyone’s situation is different.

  Entrepreneurship looks like a grand word at first glance. However, it is closely related to our lives, whether we are starting a business or not. Entrepreneurship is so important to have innovative thinking based on various experiences and learned knowledge from undergraduate students. It will give those who want to go beyond their limits in the future and express their challenging power while taking risks.