Transformation of the RC Experience: Post-Renovation Insights
Transformation of the RC Experience: Post-Renovation Insights
  • Reporter Kim Yu-jin
  • 승인 2024.03.21 15:15
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▲RC after the renovation
▲RC after the renovation

  The Residential College (RC) has unveiled the first and 11th floors after renovations, welcoming the beginning of the new semester for its residents. As these spaces are now open for all residents to enjoy, a pilot period is underway to fine-tune the operational policies and ensure optimal utilization of the upgraded and newly constructed facilities.

  Among the notable additions are the Fitness Room, Community Rooms, and Play Rooms, each available for reservation in convenient 30-minute increments via the Postechian’s Portal (POPO), offering the best experience for its residents.

  To capture the perspectives of RC’s diverse community, The Postech Times spoke with a freshman who is starting his university life in RC, a sophomore who has experienced the RC both before and after the renovation, and a Residential Advisor (RA) who manages and plans events in RC.

Favorite Features of RC

Freshman (Kim Keon-ho): The convenience of having various facilities such as the karaoke and Cinema Room on the first floor has greatly enhanced my living experience at RC. The accessibility to a multitude of amenities within close proximity has been a significant advantage.

Sophomore (Lee Ju-hyeong): The abundance of engaging programs available to residents, including dungji and RC events, is what truly sets RC apart. Additionally, amenities like the vending machine on the first floor provide convenience during busy times.

RA (Sa Su-hyun): I love that RC is not your typical dormitory, but a hub for social networking and personal growth. As a former resident who benefitted greatly from RC’s support, I now proudly serve as an RA, giving back the assistance I once received. The supportive policies and community-oriented environment foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among residents, and it is my favorite feature about RC.

Anticipated Events

Freshman: I eagerly await the Dungji Program, where we can explore our interests through various activities such as surfing, climbing, and baking with other people of the same interest. 

RA: I am looking forward to the forthcoming floor program at the newly constructed barbecue area on the 11th floor. 

Closing Thoughts

Freshman: The free and welcoming atmosphere within RC has surpassed my expectations. I look forward to continuing my journey within this vibrant community.

Sophomore: The transformation brought about by the renovation has elevated RC into a cleaner, more organized space compared to 2023, with enhanced utilization of facilities. Last year, I used the first floor’s common area only for eating, but now I look forward to using it for both leisure and collaborative activities.

RA: To our RC residents, welcome! As a freshman, RC was more than a dormitory. It was a precious place that taught me what a warm place POSTECH is. I hope that you will get to feel the same way as I did. As a first-time RA, I am committed to managing RC as an optimal environment for growth. 

  Through the renovation, RC has truly become a place of both personal and academic learning and growth, true to its name. RC is not just a dormitory anymore, but a community.