Like a Steadfast Compass Needle
Like a Steadfast Compass Needle
  • Reporter Tae Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2024.04.22 17:03
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   When I was a kid, a compass was something of a novelty. No matter how I turned it, the needle always pointed in the same direction. Later, I found that the compass is one of the greatest inventions in history, as it enabled extensive maritime exploration and the discovery of new continents.

  Now, I realize how important it is to let people know the direction they should move to. During the matriculation ceremony for this year, the President mentioned that direction becomes a much more important factor than speed in life after university. I absolutely agree with that. Thus, as a reporter for The Postech Times, I aim to help readers to contemplate the direction they should take in their lives.

  Furthermore, like a compass that always points in a constant direction, I will not lose my first resolution no matter what distractions arise. For example, the rise of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) such as ChatGPT, which produces texts, images, and other media, is threatening journalists. However, I do not believe the idea that GenAI will replace the reporters. Though articles generated by AI may convey information, they cannot contain deep thoughts or meaningful discussions. As a real journalist, I aim to publish in-depth articles that cannot be substituted by AI.

  Nevertheless, no compass points in the exact direction right away. It is necessary that the needle oscillates and gradually gets closer to the correct direction. Just as a compass interacts with the Earth’s magnetism to find the right direction, as a journalist, I will communicate with my readers and move toward genuine journalism.

  If you have any questions or suggestions about my articles, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope to grow with my readers, so feedback on my writing is always appreciated and welcomed.

  Ultimately, my goal as a reporter is to be a journalist who allows readers to trust my jounal like a steadfast compass needle and continue their adventures in life.

  I had few opportunities to freely express my thoughts in English until now. Therefore, I have wanted to write a variety of articles in English, and I believe that I can quench my thirst for English writing through my work as a reporter for The Postech Times.