Challenges and Developments
Challenges and Developments
  • Reporter Baek Seon-been
  • 승인 2024.04.22 17:08
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  A few weeks ago, in a chemistry class, the Professor asked, “If there were a cloned human that looked exactly like you, how would you tell the difference?” There could be several answers such as memories and sentience, but I think self-awareness is the most important point. Self-awareness is your unique ability to perceive and understand things. Then, what makes self-awareness?

  The originality of self-awareness derives from our challenges and experiences. Do you know how many challenges we face daily? Every day is a series of brand-new challenges. When you hear the word “challenge,” it is easy to think of extreme sports. However, a challenge is on a very personal dimension. It does not have to be a life-threatening task. It is enough to do something new and expand your perspective. So, habitual things for me could require a lot of courage from others. Each challenge is countless and incomparable; we must focus on ourselves and continue the challenge. The entire process of challenge would lead you to a great discovery of yourself.

  Being a freshman at POSTECH, I was given numerous opportunities to take on new challenges. Starting to play the guitar, meeting new people, and becoming a reporter at The Postech Times are all significant challenges for me. The next step would be concentrating and developing. From now on, every step that I take will be the portion that defines me. So, I am going to be a reporter who moves in the right direction.

  Through my first article and opinion, I promise to be a reporter who always strives for the public good with accuracy. Since it is the reader, not the writer, who completes the article, I will always be grateful and actively use this precious opportunity. My goal is to write an article that can promote constant improvement in both personal and social dimensions. I will speak up straight without being afraid to speak out for power. It is such an honor to be a voice of Postechian, and please show us a lot of support for The Postech Times.