My Reporting Journey at The Postech Times
My Reporting Journey at The Postech Times
  • Reporter Kwon Moon-hee
  • 승인 2024.04.22 17:12
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  The first time I came to the campus, The Postech Times newspaper welcomed me. As I looked through it, I was not just reading words. I was diving into the lively life at POSTECH. That is when I realized I wanted to inspire others with my writing, just like those articles inspired me.

  Now, on my journey to make that dream come true, I aim to write exciting and intricate articles about campus events and the latest engineering topics as an assistant reporter. As part of the university community, I plan to record our challenges and successes. I want to proudly present innovative research and projects of students and professors to everyone.

  My goal to become a translator and editor is also a big part of my journey as a reporter. By mixing science and engineering knowledge with language skills, I want to make stories that harmonize technology and the arts. This effort is about making engineering understandable to many people, clarifying any confusion.

  Working at The Postech Times will teach me more than just how to write and edit. It is about understanding different cultures and the small details in language, making me better at talking to people worldwide. This chance is my first step into a bigger world.

  All my efforts come from one essential idea: sharing knowledge is very valuable, and our society gets better and more connected when we listen and learn from each other’s experiences. By telling the stories of our university, I hope to make our community stronger, bringing together students, professors, and readers everywhere.

  For this reason, I will keep learning, growing, and trying hard. Through my experiences in writing and editing, I want to become a better storyteller, learning from mistakes and challenges and always thinking about what the reader wants. My curiosity will push me to find new information, and my hard work will make me a trusted and powerful reporter.