POSTECH Microscope: Research Planning
POSTECH Microscope: Research Planning
  • Reporter Yoon Ju-Hwan
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▲Kim Taeeun, a staff of Research Planning
▲Kim Taeeun, a staff of Research Planning

Research Planning designs programs that enhance POSTECH’s research ability. The Postech Times interviewed Kim Taeeun of Research Planning.

Team Introduction
  Research Planning belongs to the Office of Research Affairs. Our team has a mission to promote research capacity and reinforce competitive R&D. The goal of the team is to systematically provide a roadmap for future research direction that is in line with the university’s values. By the characteristics of a team, considering the mission and goal are significant when constructing what we do and where we go.

Organizing an Event
  We design events according to our mission and goal. We aim to increase the research capacity of those who need to reinforce it. We devise programs and events in this sense. For example, Introducing My Research is an event where speakers describe their research to the audience who do not know about it. Participants could enhance their communication skills to explain the research. This event has the purpose of accelerating convergent research, above all, it is parallel to the team’s goal of increasing research capacity.

Students Affairs
  We mainly arrange the student-assist program according to our goal based on BK21 finances. One of them is the thesis copy-edit service; it is free when a student’s thesis satisfies the Science Citation Index (SCI) criteria. Another is a support fund for publication fees. One more thing is a program that sends students to famous universities and research institutes abroad. Students in the latter part of the Ph.D. course can complete their thesis while conducting experiments there.

Communicating with Students
  Since most works are related to funding, students are rarely involved in the stage of planning but their feedback is a tool for communication. We check the feedback from events and programs, and  it is reflected in the following year. In the case of Introducing My Research, it was held at C5 hall, but this year’s feedback commented on the small venue and stage, so we will change the place next year. In this way, we focus on the feedback and reflects it in the project.

Future Plans
  In addition to student affairs, we also plan to work more actively with professors, such as winning large research projects. The student program will also focus on activating convergence research by reflecting the trend of convergence research to help develop the university’s research capabilities.

Advice for Postechians
  We desire to support many students through programs and events. However, in some cases, programs close early due to limited budgets, so please pay more attention to the notice and POVIS. You do not have to be an early bird for everything, but be an early bird for anything you want to do. It will make your research shine and help you secure a position and grow faster as a researcher.