POSTECH’s Game-Changing Vision: Glocal University
POSTECH’s Game-Changing Vision: Glocal University
  • Reporter Yim O-Jung
  • 승인 2023.12.05 20:45
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▲POSTECH was selected for Glocal University 30 on Nov. 13.
▲POSTECH was selected for Glocal University 30 on Nov. 13.

  POSTECH has been finally selected for the “Glocal University 30” project, following the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s announcement on Nov. 13. The term “glocal” implies a combination of global connectivity and local community engagement. Led by the MOE, the Glocal University 30 project represents one of the government’s most significant efforts to support universities outside the Seoul Metropolitan area amid a nationwide decline in population and the accelerated phenomenon of regional extinction.
  POSTECH has presented a vision to lead innovation and globalization, outlining three key areas: boundaryless education, leading regional strategic industry innovation, globalization, and establishing a Pacific Valley. POSTECH envisions becoming a global university that fosters regional prosperity and lays the foundation for the nation’s future industries. The bold innovations proposal aligns with the spirit of the Global University project, aiming to achieve world-class competitiveness in specialized fields through regional strategic industries and local government collaboration.
  POSTECH anticipates that this initiative, a transformative investment of 400 billion KRW and additional funding, will serve as a pivotal point for a level of development equivalent to rebuilding the university. The initiative is backed by investments of 100 billion KRW from the government, 100 billion KRW from Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, and 200 billion KRW from the POSTECH Corporation. Additionally, Pohang City has expressed its intention to invest approximately 50 billion KRW in POSTECH. This funding commitment stands out as the highest level of support ever recorded in the history of a single bidding initiative by the MOE.
  POSTECH is actively promoting the development of universities by establishing the “Glocal Initiative TF Team.” The TF team said in an interview with The Postech Times that they are planning to invest approximately 160 billion KRW over the next five years in the education sector, including faculty recruitment and the construction of an education and research complex. In addition, the TF Team is planning investments of around 100 billion KRW in the research and industry sector, as well as approximately 80 billion KRW in the Scale-UP GROUND construction project.
  Furthermore, POSTECH is planning to establish a support system for local businesses as the first research university in Korea. Additionally, POSTECH aims to innovate the regional industrial ecosystem by creating the Pacific Valley. POSTECH anticipates building a symbiotic growth model between the university and the region through bold investments in the local community.
  Meanwhile, the TF Team emphasized the essential need for active participation and consent from members, stating, “Glocal University 30 is an initiative that involves a dynamic change at the level of rebuilding the university, making the enthusiastic involvement and agreement of all members crucial.” For the successful operation of the Glocal University 30 initiative and the future development of the university, significant attention, and engagement from POSTECH members are required.