Enthusiastic Times at PKSW
Enthusiastic Times at PKSW
  • Reporter Jeong Ye-ji
  • 승인 2023.09.27 07:10
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▲PKSW, rasing our spirit
▲PKSW, raising our spirit

  This year’s  POSTECH-KAIST Science War (PKSW) was a culmination of unity and passion. The festival was hosted at the KAIST campus and took place over two days from Sept. 22 to 23, which was the first PKSW after the pandemic. The joyful atmosphere was heightened by the warmth of the sun and the pleasant autumn breeze. There were booths selling a variety of foods and souvenirs. People could also spend time taking pictures or playing carnival games. In particular, POSTECH’s mixology club Eum-ilang had set up their cocktail bars where people enjoyed the delightful non-alcoholic cocktails. The highlight of the festival was argumably the competitive matches between the two schools ranging from a variety of sports matches, e-sports competition, AI competition, hacking, and science quiz.
  The opening ceremony began at 12 P.M. at KAIST Sports Complex with a warm welcome from KAIST followed by a club performance. Most notably, cheerleading performances by CHEERO and ELKA heightened the mood.
  The first day of PKSW began with a football match. POSTECH and KAIST were tied at 0 in the first half, but KAIST’s goal in the second half eventually led to winning the game as a final 0:1. The second game of the day was a hacking game held overnight, starting off with POSTECH leading the game with 1,000 points, but eventually KAIST won the title with  POSTECH 10,400, KAIST 12,800. The next game was e-sports, League of Legends, sadly POSTECH was defeated by a score of 0:2. The last event of the day was brilliant club performances from each school. Representative bands performed and from the previous POSTECH-KAIST dance battle, the people were heated. 
  The second day of PKSW began with the badminton match at 9 A.M. led by the second game, baseball which started at 10 A.M. In the beginning, POSTECH was leading by 1:0, but after a hitting spree, KAIST won the game by 3:6. Next was the AI game held at the sports complex. The game was played with AI made by each other, KAIST led the first start as 0:1 but POSTECH’s enthusiasm eventually led POSTECH to win 4:1. Next game was the science quiz. Although both sides worked hard to solve the problem, KAIST came out ahead. The last game of PKSW was the basketball game. Although POBBA members played hard by putting their heart into the game, unfortunately they did not win the match. 
  Over the two days, players from both schools showed great passion. Although POSTECH fell short with the total score of 1:6, various clubs such as Alimi and PBS interacted with each other giving the time meaning as a real time of exchange.