Dormitory Hygiene Issues
Dormitory Hygiene Issues
  • Reporter Yang Seo-Yeon
  • 승인 2023.09.27 07:04
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▲Inside the dormitory
▲Inside the dormitory

  The problem of dormitory hygiene arose among students who moved to the dormitory at the beginning of the semester after the summer vacation. Recently, photos of moldy wallpaper and chairs have been posted on an anonymous online community called “Everytime”, and students complain that the hygiene of the dormitory is severe. Many students pointed out the lack of a proper response from the Housing Services, which manages the POSTECH dormitory as the main cause of the issue. Some students complained on “Everytime” about the hygiene problems, saying, “I want Housing Services to properly check the dormitory room during the vacation and check the dormitory once again around the beginning of the semester.”, “These hygiene problems are mentioned every year, so Housing Services needs to come up with some countermeasures.” 
  As many students experienced the hygiene problem in the dormitory, The Postech Times listened to the opinions of the Housing Services and there future plans. The following is an excerpt from an interview with Housing Services.
  Even during this summer vacation, many students use the dormitory for their studies and activities such as seasonal semesters, research participation, and the POSTECH-KAIST Science War (PKSW) Advisory Committee. Accordingly, the Housing Services cleaned the vacant rooms using a cleaning company at the end of the first semester to maintain pleasant conditions. In addition, two to three weeks before the beginning of the semester, the rooms were checked again through an inspection, and supplementary measures were completed for some rooms with insufficient cleanliness.
  However, this summer, it was raining heavily and very humid, so problems occurred in just a few days despite these efforts. Since the FCU installed in the entire living hall did not have a moisture removal function, problems have arisen suddenly. To deal with this problem, Housing Services tried to deal with the maintenance report quickly through the cleaning company. In addition, the team held several meetings to minimize recurrence prevention.
  To solve the fundamental problem, Housing Services will establish a process of checking entry and exit during the vacation with the Dormitory Union based on vacancy inspection to maintain a clean dormitory environment. However, in the case of a room that has been applied for use, Housing Services finds it difficult to manage, so responsibility for one's efforts and management is also important. Due to the short period of residence during vacations, they often suffer from inconveniences. Rather than neglecting it, they should take measures to prevent inconveniences to the following user through facility reporting or maintenance requests. 
  In addition, the Housing Services said that they will review environmental factors and ways to reduce moisture in the building to create a pleasant dormitory.
  After the hygiene problem, the Housing Services sent an email to the students asking for cooperation to solve the mold problem. The inspection and management of Housing Services is important to create a pleasant environment, but it is also the responsibility of the students using the dormitory. 
  This dormitory hygiene problem is caused by humid weather, but students living in the dormitory need to keep the dormitory environment pleasant with constant ventilation and cleaning for the next user. Housing Services also needs to be careful not to cause such dormitory hygiene problems by continuously monitoring the situation.