The Sunrise Festival, Showing POSTECH's Energy
The Sunrise Festival, Showing POSTECH's Energy
  • Reporter Yoon Ju-Hwan
  • 승인 2023.05.19 10:11
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▲Hyolyn at 2023 Sunrise Festival
▲Hyolyn at 2023 Sunrise Festival

 From May 11, the 2023 Sunrise Festival was held for two days. Being the first festival since the pandemic, it consisted of a variety of events, student booths, and performances. The main stage was set up in front of the 78 stairs and event booths were arranged along the Jigok Community Center. In particular, sponsors participated in the festival as well as student organizations, comprising for an abundance of events. 
 On the first day, the festival kicked off with powerful a performance from CHEERO. A congratulatory speech was delivered along with a video of SHIFT UP, one of the main sponsors of the festival, hoping students have a great time. It was followed by various stage performances by student clubs. Student booths also went ahead with a full slate of events. Those consisted of participants from many kinds of organizations ranging from student clubs like Guerbois and Mania to sponsors like POSTECH LINC 3.0 and SHIFT UP. Especially, the Apple Developer Academy opened a booth and added diversity to the festival. 
 The student booths changed into night booths with a pub theme for the evening. On each day of the festival, most of the departments participated in the evening booth, boasting diverse topics and delicious foods. For example, on the first day, each department displayed their identities in unique ways; a construction site by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and an alchemist booth by the Department of Chemistry. On the second day, the department of physics drew high attention by preparing their booth while taking the motif of a Middle Ages European restaurant. 
 The celebrity’ performance on the first day was Hyolyn and more than a few students gathered around the stage to watch. She not only sang her major playlists but also left well-wishing remarks to Postechians, performing for 75 minutes, far exceeding the scheduled time of 30 minutes. The heat of the first day’s festival continued in the night booth even after the stage performance. 
 The second day was like the first day except for the changes in the booth themes. One major difference were the celebrities during the evening performance. Two artists, CHEEZE and Nerd Connection performed sequentially, and an enormous audience visited to enjoy their vivid songs. CHEEZE had visited the Sunrise Festival several years ago and this festival was her second performance at POSTECH. After the performance of Nerd Connection and a brilliant  firework display, the festival culminated with DJ LAON’s EDM stage. 
 Meanwhile, energetic activities such as futsal featuring with bubble suits and the traditional water-gun event were held on the sports field and harmonized nicely with the early-summer weather. During the 2023 Sunrise Festival, the campus was colored with vitality and showed the quintessence of campus life. Above all, the festival was successfully conducted underneath the contributions of a multitude of university organizations and participants.