POSTECH Signs a MOU with SHIFT UP to Build Off-Campus
POSTECH Signs a MOU with SHIFT UP to Build Off-Campus
  • Reporter Park So-mang
  • 승인 2023.05.19 10:11
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▲POSTECH and SHIFT UP signed a MOU on March 29
▲POSTECH and SHIFT UP signed a MOU on March 29

 SHIFT UP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with POSTECH on March 29 to build Off-Campus. President Moo Hwan Kim and Hyeong Tae Kim, CEO of SHIFT UP, attended the signing ceremony. Under the agreement, SHIFT UP plans to provide field experience in game development, to actively support students’ career choices, and to help students develop their practical skills. Specifically, SHIFT UP made a policy to guide the students through a research project. They even made a POSTECH Off-Campus Conference Room and have prepared equipment and other amenities so that students can take online classes in the office. 
 POSTECH’s Off-Campus system is a policy that allows undergraduate students to take classes online outside of the campus for a semester. Students are given the freedom to study at other domestic or foreign universities, research facilities, companies, or other places while completing all classes needed during that semester. The Off-Campus policy officially started in the first semester of this school year.
 Off-Campus is a department-led program, so it is mainly targeted at students in their fifth or sixth semester who have already declared their major. Also, for the same reason, each department has several differences in its management. Some departments let the students design the program and get approval from the advisor, while other departments plan the program themselves and let students choose which track they want to apply for. 
 A POSTECH represenative said, “Through the Summer Experience in Society (SES) program that was conducted with SHIFT UP, many students have already gained experiences and various ideas that they have not acquired at school. We expect that this Off-Campus program with SHIFT UP will also help students choose their careers.”
 “The reason why SHIFT UP has been able to grow so far is because we have been working with POSTECH's excellent engineers. With this agreement, we will more actively seek POSTECH's talented students and foster them to become talented individuals sought after by the industry,” said a SHIFT UP official.
 The biggest merit of the Off-Campus policy is that it allows students to take major-specific classes while doing other activities. Without this system, if students participate in research, go for an internship, or study abroad, they cannot receive credit for that semester. Accordingly, they may have to take a leave of absence and graduate later. However, with the Off-Campus system, students do not have to take leave of absence but instead simultaneously listen to major-specific courses and graduate in eight semesters.
 Overall, this MOU between POSTECH and SHIFT UP is a good deal for both sides. POSTECH undergraduate students can cultivate practical skills, while SHIFT UP can secure skilled workers and gain a competitive edge in the gaming market.