TikTok’s Action of Limiting
TikTok’s Action of Limiting
  • Reporter Jeong Ye-ji
  • 승인 2023.04.17 19:26
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▲Limitations of shortforms / Rescue time
▲Limitations of shortforms / Rescue time

 Shortform. A phrase that is synthesized with “short” and “form”.  Recently, a considerable number of people talk about how long they have spent on screen rolling with watching shortform and how addictive it is. Famous platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and TikTok all provide shortform content, where most people spend time vacantly. 
 Thinking it as a problem, TikTok reported in early March that they had decided to decide to restrict users under the age of 18 to only watch for 60 minutes in order to raise awareness of how much time young users are spending on its app. In order to continue using, they would have to unlock a password each time. 
 However, it is doubtful how effective TikTok’s youth use time limit will be. Considering many teens are already accustomed to bypassing parental controls provided by smartphones and social media apps, it raises the question of whether the system is just a formal action shown by the company. 
 According to Rescue time data (smartphone-usage-stats), the average person spends three hours and 15 minutes on their phone each day. By constantly picking up our phones and scrolling down, it may cause our brains to be accustomed to fast and sensational information and respond less to the slow and weak stimuli of the real world. 
 Stated as a popcorn brain, when watching a stimulating video, dopamine is secreted and this stimulus becomes tolerant, desiring stronger stimulation. For children especially, whose brains are still growing, this phenomenon tends to be more common. Would the action done by TikTok have an effect? Considering the fact that teenagers are able to unlock it by only entering the password, it brings doubt about the practicality of the measure. Unlike the shutdown system, the compulsory is way too weak and may not have a big effect. 
 Considering the fact that the subsidiary is limiting its own content, it could be a good idea for the company to develop instructive content instead. Finding a way to provide a platform that could be less provocative and provide positive effects on users could create a virtuous circle in the media world.