2023 Orientation: Face-to-Face Welcoming of Freshmen
2023 Orientation: Face-to-Face Welcoming of Freshmen
  • Reporter Yang Seo-Yeon
  • 승인 2023.03.01 21:16
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▲ President Moo Hwan Kim giving a welcoming speech to freshmen.
▲ President Moo Hwan Kim giving a welcoming speech to freshmen.

 POSTECH’s Freshmen Orientation (OT) was held from Feb. 12 to Feb. 16. The OT was conducted face-to-face for the first time in three years. On the first day of the OT on Feb. 12, the freshmen took a guided tour around the campus, including the CHANGeUP GROUND and the Mueunjae Memorial Hall with the Guide Team. Later in the evening, the freshmen met their classmates and seniors and enjoyed getting to know each other. 
 On Feb. 13, starting with president Moo Hwan Kim’s welcome speech for Postechians, the freshmen learned about the Muenjae School of Undergraduate Studies, including a greeting from the vice president of the Muenjae School of Undergraduate Studies. Following that, they received some insightful advice regarding school life, such as human rights education, the introduction of counseling centers, online psychological tests, and how to use POVIS. Once this was completed, the freshmen played ice-breaking games and spent time socializing with each other. 
 On Feb. 14, the freshmen learned how to use the library system and were offered guidance regarding the English Certificate program. Next on the agenda was meeting with professors and Student Advisors (SA). Freshmen were given practical advice and tips to help with their school life from their professors. They also had time to learn more about the school while being introduced to student organizations such as the Student Union of POSTECH and the Student Club Union. The last schedule were club performances. Various clubs like Cheero, Voces, and Bremen performed and welcomed the freshmen. 
 On Feb. 15, special lectures by POSTECH alumni was followed by mission tours. After they enjoyed the mission tours, a club tour was offered for freshmen. They were able to experience various club booths such as POBBA and TEAMPOSTECH. 
 On Feb. 16, the last day of OT, freshmen had a tour of the POSCO factory. Finally, after learning POSTECH's school anthem, an award ceremony was held and the end of the OT was celebrated with fireworks. On Feb. 17, a face-to-face entrance ceremony for freshmen was held, and POSTECH life for freshmen began in earnest.
 Choi Seong-yun, who participated in the Guide Team of OT, said, “When I entered the school, it was unfortunate that OT was conducted non-face-to-face. However, this time, the OT was face-to-face, so I was able to have more fun and and spend some useful time with freshmen. As the Freshmen Orientation Team prepared hard for the OT, it was a good time for all freshmen to enjoy together.”