Introducing My Research - Successfully Held
Introducing My Research - Successfully Held
  • Reporter Yoon Ju-Hwan
  • 승인 2022.12.10 01:32
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▲Speakers presenting amid the audience's face-to-face participation. On the right side, judges also joined and asked questions.
▲Speakers presenting amid the audience's face-to-face participation. On the right side, judges also joined and asked questions.

 POSTECH’s representative science communication event that gained much attention, was held on Nov. 25. As it was held face-to-face for the first time in three years, many audiences participated in this event in order to see six presenters who were selected as the final contestants.
 The event is modeled after Fame Lab, a competition in which people concerned with the field of science speak about their research topics or other scientific issues within three minutes. Introducing My Research also stipulates that speakers should introduce their research without presentation material and use interesting props only if needed. Their evaluation criterion is focused on how easy and fun the presentations are because participants come from various fields, unlike a seminar in a specific area.
 It consists of a keynote talk by the SF reviewer, Shim Wan-sun, a three minutes science talk by six speakers composed of five Koreans and one foreign national, and an awards ceremony followed by a Q&A session. The six speakers were evaluated based on audience comprehension, content interest, and tension management by a judging committee which consisted of Professor Joo-Yeon Yoo (LIFE), Prof. Jongsik Yi (HSS), and Shim Wan-sun.
 In the keynote talk, Shim Wan-sun talked about the SF genre in terms of science, society, and fiction. She emphasized that science in SF could be different from real science and said that scientific errors can be utilized to make it more interesting. The keynote ended with many responses, saying that SF is showing growth among young people.
 In the main session, each speaker presented their research: Protein Production by Kyungseok Oh (LIFE), Deep Learning by Hyeok kyu Kwon (IME), Cerebral Recognition of Fear by Kibong Sung (LIFE), Flying Squirrel Imitating Drone by Jungill Kang (CiTE), AI Development by Junhyeok Choi (IME), and Blood Vessel Imaging by Bjarne Perleberg (EECE). All participants used a variety of props to draw attention and help the crowds understand the material better.
 After the presentations, each presenter had time to answer additional questions by having a Q&A session with the listeners. Since the questions were asked through a real-time survey, the audience was able to answer the questions raised while listening to the presentation and was able to induce active on-site participation. The organizers also provided many giveaways so that the audience could get involved and enjoy the event.
 The grand prize was awarded to Mr. Choi, while Mr. Kang won the top prize. Mr. Kwon, Mr. Oh, and Mr. Sung won the encouragement prize. An audience popularity award based on a vote by the audience was awarded to Mr. Perleberg, the only foreign participant.
 Mr. Choi, who won the grand prize, expressed his feelings, saying that he didn’t expect to win that prize, and merely hoped not to make a mistake, and thanked the judges for giving him a good assessment.
Meanwhile, Introducing My Research took place with the support of the POSTECH Research and Business Development Foundation. A  representative of the foundation came to the event hall and said that it is necessary to present research well in order to be funded and conduct the research. He showed the meaning of this event by emphasizing that we need to understand the research of others well for convergence research.