Professor Junsuk Rho as New Associate Editor of Microsystems & Nanoengineering
Professor Junsuk Rho as New Associate Editor of Microsystems & Nanoengineering
  • Reporter Han Sang-yun
  • 승인 2021.10.12 05:38
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▲Professor Junsuk Rho (ME and CE)
▲Professor Junsuk Rho (ME and CE)

Professor Junsuk Rho (ME and CE) was appointed as the associate editor of Microsystems & Nanoengineering (MINE) published by Springer Nature.
MINE is a world-renowned magazine on processing, production, devices, and systems of micro-nanomaterials. Prof. Rho is currently the only Korean to be appointed as an associate editor of the journal. He will lead editing on micro-/nano-photonics and micro-/nano-fabrication as the major editor in the field.
In May, Prof. Rho was appointed as an associate editor of Light: Science and Applications, an eminent journal on optics published by Springer Nature. Prof. Rho is also the only Korean editor in this journal. Prof. Rho is reviewing papers in the fields of metamaterials, photonic crystals, nanofabrication, micronanophotonics, display, and imaging.
In addition, he is drawing global attention as a young researcher in nanophotonics and nanofabrication, winning the Young Scientist Award at MINE, Micro Electronic Engineering/Micro and Nano Engineering (MEE/MNE) Young Investigator Awards and Lectureship 2020, and also the Micromachines 2020 Young Investigator Award.
Prof. Rho’s research focuses on the development of new nanophotonic materials and devices based on experimental research on light-material interactions. He studies various fields, including optical, acoustic, elastic, mechanical, and seismic metamaterials; plasmonics and nanophotonics, toplogical photonics, and condensed matter physics. He also develops nanophotonic device applications, nanofabrication and nanomanufacturing, and designing and optimization via artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.
He has published in Nature and Science and at least 190 influential papers in many other journals and influential magazines. This year, he has published and submitted hundreds of papers including Three-dimensional nanoprinting via charged aerosol jets in Nature, and Nanophotonics for light detection and ranging technology as a cover article in Nature Nanotechnology.