Partial Conversion to Face-to-Face Classes
Partial Conversion to Face-to-Face Classes
  • reporter Choi Eun-je
  • 승인 2020.11.27 15:14
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▲Students on campus
▲Students on campus


Since the beginning of the 2020 Fall Semester, classes have been held completely online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, Face-to-Face classes were considered necessary for some courses that involve laboratory sessions, demonstrations, and physical training. As social distancing restrictions relaxed to level one on Oct. 11, the Academic Affairs team announced on Oct. 15 a partial conversion to Face-to-Face classes.
From the ninth week of the fall semester, various courses were recommended to switch to Face-to-Face classes. Selected over-200-level courses were converted to Face-to-Face classes from Nov. 2, and 100-level courses were converted from Nov. 9. For students who cannot participate in Face-to-Face classes, “course drop” of converted courses were treated as “course cancellation”, which does not leave a “W” (withdrawal) on a transcript.
Students taking Face-to-Face classes were allowed to move into dormitories. Exceptionally, freshmen were also permitted to enter dormitories even if they did not take Face-to-Face classes. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, students coming from outside of Pohang were required to take COVID-19 diagnostic tests and were quarantined in Residential College (RC) for a day. Sophomores and above were diagnosed on Oct. 31, while freshmen were diagnosed on Nov. 7. After a day of isolation in RC, all students tested negative and moved into their original dormitory rooms.
The Academic Affairs team urged school members to keep in compliance with infection prevention measures and take care of personal health even after moving into dormitories. Face-to-Face classes must obey the following prevention measures: 1) check students’ temperatures and ensure they are wearing masks, 2) ventilate before and after class, 3) use hand sanitizers when entering the classroom, 4) keep a distance of more than 1 meter between students, and 5) control people entering and leaving the classroom thoroughly. Students who have any abnormal symptoms should quickly inform the Health Office, their departments, and their advisory professors. If classes are canceled due to COVID-19 during the Face-to-Face class period, supplementary classes may be held during the winter session after consultation with the professors teaching the courses.
During the Face-to-Face classes period, public lecture rooms are open to students on campus, supporting them in taking online classes. If there are no offline classes in the lecture rooms, they are open from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Students can check available public lecture rooms through the department office or Service Management on POVIS.
The Academic Affairs team also announced that decisions regarding the final exam will be made considering the outcome of COVID-19. Any decisions will be announced before the 14th week of the semester.