POSTECH Microscope: Head Organizer of The Graduation Party
POSTECH Microscope: Head Organizer of The Graduation Party
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2019.12.05 12:37
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The Graduation Party took place on Nov. 21. It was a successful event for both participants and organizers. The organizers, who are known as “Graduation Preparatory Committee”, are not a formal workforce. In spite of attempts to make it official for the consistence of Graduation Party, there are practical problems ahead. 
The Postech Times interviewed Lee Hye-lin (CE 16), this year’s head organizer of the Graduation Party. She is now the head of the 33rd Student Union’s Steering Committee. Organizers were comprised of the head of each department and staffs were from the Steering Committee.
When did the Graduation Party start?
It started in 2017, and it has continued since then. The head organizer of 2017 started the graduation party saying, “in this school of 320 students, it is a shame that we graduate without saying a word with these acquaintances. I want to make the last opportunity for all students to gather and enjoy themselves.” 

What is the main feature of the 2019 Graduation Party?
We wanted graduating students to feel at home while making great memories with friends – that is our focus. The organizers prepared a red carpet at the entrance to the party and had staff serve wine in order to give students a fresh experience. Also, a photo zone with a fake wall was the biggest feature and received a positive response. Well-dressed students could take photos for fun because a photo zone like this is rare around our school.

Introduce the Graduation Party Organizer’s tasks.
Organizers, who are also known as the Graduation Preparatory Committee, plan events that can make graduation-related memories. This year, we chose ‘Graduation Party’ and graduation album. With regards to the album, starting from selecting a company, we were in charge of promotion, scheduling, place, and guidance. The party task, as well as other events’, includes arranging, promotions and making sure everything runs smoothly on the day of the event.
This year, organizers were decided in late February that we started work quite late compared to last year. We should have kept contact with the album company in the winter vacation. I recommend the next year’s organizers to prepare for the album early.

Do you have any words for students?
Gradually, individual graduation periods will vary and people will no longer think that a graduation is a determined event in terms of time. However, I think events such as the graduation album and the ‘Graduation Party’ mean a lot. I hope this tradition continues and improves each year successfully. Thank you for everyone who participated in this year’s Graduation Party.