Smoking Solution Needed
Smoking Solution Needed
  • Reporter Lee Jun-yong
  • 승인 2017.11.01 13:39
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▲ A picture of a popular smoking spot in the residential area
Smoking is a major source of complaints in POSTECH. Even though there are designated smoking areas throughout the campus, a lot of students complain that smokers are smoking inside non-smoking areas, and causing disturbances with the acrid smoke and unpleasant smell. The frustration especially maximizes in the residential areas. Even though smoking within 10 meters from the dormitory and smoking inside any school building is strictly prohibited, some smokers smoke inside non-smoking areas, raising especially angry voices from the residential areas. The POSTECH Bamboo Grove is always full of irritated students complaining that they cannot open their windows of their room, due to the disturbing fumes.
Students who smoke also have things to complain about. It is about POSTECH’s inferior smoking areas. Currently, POSTECH’s smoking areas are distinguished by a small yellow square painted on the ground, with a small pot to hold the ashes. There is no cover to protect the smokers from the weather. Naturally, when it rains, a lot of smokers shake in the cold weather, while holding an umbrella. Also, the smoking areas are located near the street, exposing the smoking students to the passerby’s gaze. Designated smoking areas are also far from the buildings. Considering the fact that most buildings’ locations are concentrated, the areas have low accessibility. Accordingly, the smoking areas are an inconvenience for smokers, which evidently leads to the non-smokers’ annoyance and frustration.
Plus, the inferior and insufficient smoking areas can lead to wildfires. For example, the slope between dorm building five and nine is a popular smoking place that is not an official smoking area. The area is full of fallen leaves, which can easily catch fire. Since the place is full of vegetation, and is located right next to dormitories, a wildfire can be lethal. Also, most of the current smoking areas in the residential area is adjoining greenery. Since there is no barrier between the smoker and the plants, it can get dangerous during the dry seasons.
Naturally, the necessity of a better smoking facility, such as a smoking booth, raised its head. POSTECH had considered installing smoking booths in the campus, but the plan was deferred. The reasons were that it was unnecessary to install a smoking booth inside the campus, because it means that the college acknowledges, or possibly encourages, smoking. The other reason was that the price was too costly. Now, the school is focused on promoting antismoking campaigns to reduce smoking inside the campus, rather than caring for the welfare of the smokers.
Even though smoking is not healthy, and reducing the number of smokers inside the campus is something a school should promote, still, the conflict between smokers and non-smokers is inevitable. With the help of better facilities and infrastructure, the complaints and conflicts can be significantly reduced. Considering that other universities, such as Seoul National, KAIST, Korea, and Hongik have installed smoking booths inside their campuses, trying to reduce the conflict, it is time to bring change onto the POSTECH campus.