Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan
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▲Taipei city view from Taipei 101
▲Taipei city view from Taipei 101

  Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is lively, multicultural, and pleasurable for tourists. Among modern buildings stand antique but sophisticatedly built temples, which the locals actively visit to wish for their fortune and well-being. And despite ethnic origins rooted in China – many Taiwanese came to the land during the retreat of the government of the Republic of China – the city is well-balanced with Japanese influences. Taiwan’s specialties, including bubble tea and pineapple cake, can be easily found in tea shops and grocery stores on every other street. And the bright sunshine with the evening breeze makes the perfect weather – in the middle of hot and cold, where it makes one delighted – to travel in January when Korea is freezing with a cold wave.

Dive into history

  The National Palace Museum is one of the finest museums in the world with approximately 700,000 Chinese artefacts. Yet, the museum only puts 1,700 pieces on display at a time, so it would take decades to go through all the artwork. The museum is divided into many parts, each with a different period or artwork. In one section, ancient paintings and writings are exhibited, including the painting of the famous philosopher, Confucious, a drawing of bamboo covered with snow, and a meters-long depiction of people and nature. The details of the paintings and the demonstrations using a single black ink are unexplainably astonishing. It is also entertaining to compare different handwritings of the ancient writers. Another area displays treasures made by jade and, above all, Jadeite Cabbage is the most eye-catching masterpiece. With unbelievable detail, the artifact looks like a real cabbage. Be sure to take a good closer look at this sculpture, because a locust and katydid are camouflaging on the green leaves.

Up to the sky

  The tallest skyscraper in Taiwan, Taipei 101 has a magnificent view of the entire city. No matter when you visit, during the day, at sunset, or night, the open view of the horizon will give you chills. Nothing is blocking the view of the building in 360 degrees, so you can look down on every part of Taipei. On top of that, Taipei 101 hides a secret in its building: the earthquake-proof design. It is said to be the safest place in an instance of earthquake. Although the skyscraper may seem the most dangerous place during an earthquake, it can withstand earthquakes up to a magnitude of 7, thanks to the large mass damper. A total of 660 metric tons and 5.5 meters wide in diameter, the damper sways in the opposite direction of vibrations, preventing the skyscraper from collapsing. 

Stuff yourself in the night market

  The highlight of the trip is undoubtedly the night market. Among hundreds of night markets, Shilin Night Market boasts its size and diversity of food. If you are a meat lover, you will enjoy eating cube steaks, Taiwanese sausage, Ji Pai (Fried Chicken), and so much more. There is also a variety of seafood: crab sticks, oyster omelets, seasoned squids, and so on. After enjoying proteins, you should also serve yourself with carbs. Ah Hui Mian Xian, Dabing Bao Xiaobing, and cheese potato are several of the must-try foods at the market.

  The vibrant culture, historical depth, and modern marvels of Taipei offer a unique and enriching experience for travelers. Whether savoring the local delicacies at bustling night markets or exploring the rich collections of ancient artifacts, the city promises an unforgettable journey through time and tradition that linger in the hearts of all who visit.