CES 2024 : Revolutionizing the Future
CES 2024 : Revolutionizing the Future
  • Reporter Kim San
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▲POSTECH-CHANGeUP GROUND booth and government officials from the Gyeongsangbuk-do province / Maeil Business Newspaper
▲POSTECH-CHANGeUP GROUND booth and government officials from the Gyeongsangbuk-do province / Maeil Business Newspaper

  CES 2024 was an amalgamation of big-tech companies defining the future landscape of consumer electronics and small tech underdogs competing to realize their dreams into a full-scale product. The undoubted talk of the show this year was AI, or Generative AI (GenAI), to be more specific. To the best of our knowledge, there was not a single booth that did not, one way or another, leverage and incorporate AI into their product – there was even an AI-powered oven!
  Companies from South Korea were the third largest exhibitors after the United States and China. In particular, 36 startups showcased their latest technologies in the POSTECH-CHANGeUP GROUND booth. Here are some companies and products that drew notable attention on the showroom floor.

  Midbar is Hebrew for wild, uncultivated land, and it reflects the company’s vision to transform any kind of land – even the most desolate and lifeless ones – into a place where crops can thrive. Midbar provides a container-size inflatable AirFarm solution that can easily be transported and installed in virtually any location. The AirFarm module is made of highly insulated material that is robust but lightweight. Its use of smart AI solutions and aeroponics technology enable 150% higher growth efficiency while using 99% less water compared to conventional agriculture techniques. The company tackles numerous United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) related to poverty, water usage, and sustainable cities. 

  10KiloMillion is a new-born startup founded in Jan. 2022. They are developing a Text to Video application, Connect V2L, that generates viral video content guided by text prompts. The idea behind their application is based on a large repository of short videos from which their algorithm selects and edits relevant clips into a long coherent video. The future goal of the company is to reduce the video generation time to 10 minutes and to host as many as 10 billion video clips in the repository. Think DALL-E but for videos.

  TissenBioFarm is a leading company in cultivated meat. Their approach to meat production involves a four-step process that starts with the selection of cells from the muscle and fat tissue of a cow after which are syntactically grown in a sterilized environment. After four weeks, the grown cells are assembled into various meat cuts and prepared for consumption. This method promises safe and slaughter-free meat that is created from hygienic facilities comparable to pharmaceutical production. TissenBioFarm’s mission extends to tackling the issues of food security, greenhouse gas emissions, and water usage.
What the POSTECH-CHANGeUP GROUND booth showcased was a clear testament of CHANGeUP GROUND’s vision: “Today’s Research [is] Tomorrow’s Business”. A number of companies were honorees of the CES innovation awards, and some spin-offs from research projects. The booth exemplified POSTECH’s effort and vision to go beyond the scope of research by collaborating with the industry to create real-world impact.