Postechian Column: My Memoir of CES 2023
Postechian Column: My Memoir of CES 2023
  • Kim Seo-jin (IME 20)
  • 승인 2023.02.17 22:09
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Kim Seo-jin (IME 20)
Kim Seo-jin (IME 20)

 From Jan. 3 to Jan. 8, the world’s largest electronic show, the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 (CES 2023), was held in Las Vegas. This year’s catchphrase for the CES 2023 was BE IN IT, and as the slogan goes, POSTECH was in it! Overall, 181 third year students participated in the CES 2023 as industry attendees, absorbing all of the innovative technology that CES 2023 had to offer. I was lucky enough to be one of the attendees who was given the chance to participate in the CES 2023. Before attending the CES 2023, my expectations of the trip to the United States were not that high, thinking it would be pretty much the same America where I used to live as a child. However, this field trip turned out to be one of the best experiences of my entire college life.
 I went to the United States via Los Angeles on Jan. 1, and came back from Las Vegas on Jan. 10. After arriving from the 10-day trip to the United States, a lot of people asked me questions about the special experience. The following are answers, remarks, and recollections of my memorable field trip.
 First of all, the CES 2023 offered so many sources of inspiration for us, engineering students. The world’s leading big tech companies and startups lined up to show their latest innovations to the public. Just by wandering around the booths, I was able to figure out the newest technology trends. For example, from the huge scale of booths allotted to healthcare technology, I learned that the healthcare industry is gaining massive attention from technology professionals.
 In addition, at the Venetian Expo, where most of the startups held their exhibitions, you could feel the passion in the air. While big tech companies offered seamless explanations, exhibitors of startups were so much more enthusiastic about their products. Whenever I visited a booth, they would start telling me how they developed their product from scratch, and how innovative their technology was, and one could tell that they surely loved their work. The spark of energy had a positive influence on me; I became motivated to search for the field that could make my eyes twinkle.
 I also experienced the CES 2023 from another perspective, as I worked as an intern exhibitor at a startup under the banner of POSCO-POSTECH. As an exhibitor, I mostly served customers who were more comfortable speaking English rather than Korean. Doing business at the CES 2023 was hard work, but I think it paid off when a buyer had a conversation with me and then exclaimed, “You are amazing, Seojin. I would love to hire you!”
 The final memorable point of the trip was that we were given the freedom to plan itineraries before and after the official CES 2023 period. My friends and I decided to stay in Los Angeles for a couple of days before the CES 2023, and we also booked a Grand Canyon National Park group tour after the event. While I have visited quite a few American national parks before, I realized that there was a clear reason for the Grand Canyon’s fame of majestic beauty. I will never be able to forget how breathtaking, picturesque, and literally, grand the Grand Canyon was. Also, the fact that a bunch of my friends were there with me, inhaling the moment together, and that made the tour unforgettable. On top of all of my other experiences in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the CES 2023, thanks to our visit to the Grand Canyon, my trip to the United States will be cherished warmly in my heart, forever more.
 Special thanks to POSTECH, which provided us the opportunity to have all these wonderful experiences.