Department Night
Department Night
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▲PosChemian Night 2022
▲PosChemian Night 2022

 Every year at POSTECH, a majority of the departments hold an event called “OO Night,” where OO refers to the name of the department. The department faculty members, graduates, undergraduates, and freshmen students without majors can attend the event. Although the events usually take place at the end of the second semester in December, their schedules may vary depending on the department. The purpose of the event is to wrap up the year with department members enjoying a special dinner and building up a sense of belonging and intimacy in the department by socializing with each other.
 Although the event programs may differ depending on the department, they usually proceed with a presentation about major issues that took place in the department during the past year. Some of the great achievements of the department members are presented and faculty members or special guests are introduced to the participants. For some, special lectures are common: on IME (Industrial and Management Engineering) Night, special lectures and career path seminars were presented by professors and alumni; on Physics Night, a special lecture was provided by Professor Seung Hwan Kim (PHYS). Then, participants enjoy special recreational games, and the event usually ends with a prize draw.
 This year, all OO Night events took place face-to-face thanks to the relaxation of COVID-19 regulations, whereas in previous years, they took place both face-to-face and online, or even were canceled. For many undergraduate students, this was the first year where they were able to enjoy one of the traditional events face-to-face. The departments (undergraduate) that held the event this semester included Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Management Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Convergence IT Engineering. For Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Materials and Science Engineering, the events took place in May, while Computer Science and Engineering did not host the event.
 The Postech Times interviewed an undergraduate student Yun Tae-hui (IME 20), who gave his thoughts on the IME Night which was held on Nov. 11.
 Yun said, “Before the event, honestly, I had low expectations towards IME Night. I thought that this event would be one of the many small party-like events at school. However, the event was more meaningful to me than I had thought, and I was able to realize the purpose of the event. During the main part of the event, particularly, I was able to communicate with alumni. I loved how this was not done in a lecture-like format, but in such a comfortable atmosphere in which everyone was able to have quality conversations.”
 He added, “At mealtimes and award ceremonies, I could feel a unique atmosphere that IME provides. At our seats that were designated randomly, professors, alumni, and students were able to mingle and talk freely. This might have been uncomfortable at first, but we were able to fulfill one of the IME virtues of networking with people through this fun and refreshing socialization experience with new people. Professors and alumni treated us with respect as if they had known us for years, and my friends and I were absolutely fascinated that we did not hesitate even a second to join the after-event session. Through IME Night, I was able to feel a strong sense of belonging to IME and pride at the same time. It was a meaningful night where I could feel that I was part of this community.”
 Hopefully, the traditional OO Night events continue in the future so that the department members may have a chance to connect with each other.