POSTECH Campus Heated with 2022 KPSW
POSTECH Campus Heated with 2022 KPSW
  • Reporter Lee Ji-Hwan
  • 승인 2022.10.03 01:49
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▲POBBA at the basketball game
▲POBBA at the basketball game

From Sept. 23 to 24, the KAIST-POSTECH Science War (KPSW) was held on the POSTECH campus. After two consecutive years of cyber POSTECH-KAIST Science Wars (PKSW), this year’s KPSW was finally held offline at POSTECH campus. Blessed with great weather over the two-day event, this year’s KPSW was successfully concluded. Offline events like the festive booths were cancelled last year due to COVID-19 cases. This year, many social clubs had booths in front of the gym, like Guerbois, an art club which held face-painting booths. This year’s KPSW was held under the motto ‘POST’, symbolizing that this year’s festival was held post-COVID-19. A total of seven regular games took place over two days: four sports games consisting of football, baseball, basketball, and e-sports, followed by three science & technology games of artificial intelligence (AI), hacking, and science quiz.  
The opening ceremony began on 12 P.M. at the sports gym. After a warm welcome speech by a few representatives including President Moo Hwan Kim, the cheering teams from both schools started performing. CHEERO of POSTECH and ELKA (Encouraging Leaders of KAIST) took turns in performing and occasionally encouraged the crowd to join. The opening ceremony ended with both teams performing on one stage. 
The first day of KPSW began with the football match. POSTECH conceded three goals in the first half and one early in the second. POSTECH managed to score a goal at the last minute and the game ended with a score of 4:1. The second game of the day was the AI game at the sports gym. The event ended after around 40 minutes with KAIST winning the game by 3:2. The next game was LOL. After winning 1 game each, two teams played the final set. POSTECH managed to pull through and came away victorious with the score of 1:2. The last event of the day was hacking, and was held overnight. KAIST was again triumphant, finishing the first day with the total set score of 3:1.
The second day of KPSW began with the baseball match at 11 P.M. After allowing 5 runs batted in consecutively in the second and third inning, the game ended with the score of 19:2. Next was the science quiz. Although POSTECH managed to solve more problems, KAIST came up with good strategy to win the game by 1 point. The last game of KPSW was the basketball game. Although POBBA (POSTECH Basketball Association), was trailing by more than 20 points at one point, they managed to force a double overtime and fell short in the last quarter, narrowly losing the game by 101:98. Many praised POBBA after the game for keeping their chin up and not giving up to the last moment. 
Apart from the events planned by the KPSW Advisory committee, POSTECH’s street dance club Ctrl-D (Club That Really Likes Dancing) set up a dance battle. They invited famous dancers including a Korean national b-boy dancer. 
Over the two days, players from both schools showed great passion. 140 pitches by POSTECH’s starting pitcher at the baseball game is one great example of how sincere they were. Although POSTECH fell short with the total score of 6:1, a successful offline KPSW managed to reignite passion in many students.