Useful Tips for Your School Life
Useful Tips for Your School Life
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Recently, I have been talking with colleagues, seniors and professors about what to do during the school semesters. Here are some useful tips I have received from the last three semesters at POSTECH.

Read the course catalog
Reading the course catalog is the most important thing of all. When registering for courses, you might get frustrated with basic essentials, major essentials, major selections, free selections, and others. POSTECH has its own courses and regulations such as HASS, STC and WI, so students must be fully aware of the course catalog. You might have to spend a ninth semester with only two base grades if you do not take the courses required for graduation. Reading the course catalog also helps you with your master plans for school life and career. If you have not read the course catalog yet, read it now.

Download useful software from HEMOS
Universities purchase a great deal of software and share them with their students for free. POSTECH provides various software such as MS Office, Adobe, and Turnitin. You can download these programs from HEMOS.

Learn how to search for papers in the school library
This is particularly important information during this non-face-to-face period. POSTECH provides free access to most of Google Scholar’s papers on campus, such as in the dormitories and in the Tae-Joon Park Library. However, as the semester changed to non-face-to-face, there were inconveniences when searching for papers off-campus. In this case, the Tae-Joon Park Digital Library provides a method to access various thesis sites. You can access the POSTECH library website and use the off-campus feature.
During your school life, you have to write reports and essays. Especially in experiment classes and culture classes, writing is almost unavoidable. Good reports and essays always require reliable references. Without good references, your opinion and results of experiments are not trustworthy. Try to become accustomed to searching and quoting papers for your writing.

Constantly read school bulletin boards and newsletters
Many students think that essential information is entirely sent through  school mail. However, to my knowledge, important information is also announced on school bulletin boards and newsletters. The school newsletter gives information about various scholarships, activities, education and events. Try reading the newsletters and do not miss useful information.

I contacted many seniors and professors in POSTECH and listened to their advice about school life and future careers. From these meetings, I found that there are so many great people in POSTECH. For instance, someone published an SCI-level paper in their second year of university, and someone passed the Civil Service Examination in their fifth semester. My first thought in meeting them was, “How can I catch up with these people?” I was upset and disappointed at myself for having achieved very little compared to them. However, this disappointment and inferiority complex became my motivation for accomplishing something.
In the essay Myth of Sisyphus, Albert Camus said, “the struggle itself is enough to fill a man’s mind. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” I think the act of constantly moving forward, which might seem meaningless, becomes the basis of our happy lives. Here is what I want to say: Push yourself to the limits and seek opportunities.