POSTECH Microscope: Security Guard in Tae-joon Park Digital Library
POSTECH Microscope: Security Guard in Tae-joon Park Digital Library
  • Reporter Lee Mi-yeon
  • 승인 2019.10.18 15:11
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▲Kim Young-kyu, security guard who is in charge of the library
▲Kim Young-kyu, security guard who is in charge of the library


There is a place in POSTECH where the lights are kept on 24 hours. It is Tae-joon Park Digital Library where people visit to study, to borrow books, or to take classes. Many Postechians spend a lot of time there, and there are people who work silently for them. 
There are 21 Campus Police in total working for the security of POSTECH. There are securities in the Situation Room, the library, on the Patrol team, in the Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology, the gymnasium, the dormitory, the Pohang Acceleration Laboratory, and the POSTECH Biotech Center. All security personnel works day and night with a sense of duty for the security of all POSTECH members. To thank them again, The Postech Times interviewed security guard Kim Young-kyu, who is in charge of the library’s security.

How is the security guard’s working hours organized?
“Two securities work in the library for 24 hours- 12 hour shifts each. The day shift is from 6:30 A.M. to 18:30 P.M. and the night shift is from 18:30 P.M. to 6:30 A.M.. The work shift changes every week. Lunch is at 12:00 P.M. roughly for one hour, and the night shift is more flexible and can rest for two hours. However, there is often a slight change in the break times because a full-time worker is always needed.”

When do you feel most proud of your work?
“I have a lot of encounters with students, and I think it is my proudest moment of work when students greet me coming in and out of the library.”

What are some of the difficulties you have experienced in your work?
“There once was a TOEIC test in the library. If an external test is taken, there is an entrance for non-POSTECH –members, and some people have difficulty finding the entrance because they do not know their location in the library. One day, I showed a person around, but he went to the wrong floor and got angry at the security guards. I calmed him down with a good heart, but he talked to me in an informal tone.”

When was the most impressive moment while working?
“It was the day of Gum Nan-se and the orchestra’s performance. At the time, I was working on patrol, so I went to the auditorium to patrol after the performance. I happened to run into the former President Kim Doh-Yeon then, he looked at me first, and said hello to me. After experiencing his unauthoritative mindset and the positive power of a pleasant greeting, it made me want to emulate that part as a member of the university.”
He added, “In Korean society, there is low social awareness of security guards, but in the university, I have not had any difficulties except for unusual cases. I would like students to know that we are also working with a sense of responsibility for the safety of our students.”