Three Events Student Union Hosted This Semester
Three Events Student Union Hosted This Semester
  • Kim Seung-il
  • 승인 2019.05.17 11:02
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This semester, Student Union of POSTECH has provided a couple of big cultural events for students to relieve their stress from academic work and to enjoy their campus life. Thanks to the freshman members who organized such events together, they were not formal or stiff but very free and fresh that many students were willing to participate in organizing the events.
Student Union of POSTECH has majorly hosted three cultural events so far: POSTECH FEST, Highschool Uniform Day under Cherry Blossoms, and Before Sunrise.

POSTECH FEST is an annual beer festival of Student Union held in Log Cabin, March 19 Tue.. It officially started on 9 P.M., beginning with free beer, standing bar with DJing, and booth programs. The boothes consisted of three games: arm wrestling, beer guessing game, and speed quiz. Students could get additional beer or free food coupon from winning the games. Especially for arm wrestling, there were so many challenger from both Korean and exchange students that they yelled and jumped loudly.
They lasted until 11P.M., then the beer-drinking contest started. A lot of people volunteered to compete for the honor of the first prize. An exchange student from German won the first prize and won a Ballentine, the premium wine. After that, karaoke started. Dozens of singer volunteers came out rapidly that the list for songs got full very early. It was remarkable that POSTECH FEST was Student Union’s event that the most foreign student came and enjoyed.

2) Highschool Uniform Day under Cherry Blossoms
Briefly saying, it was a event that students wore their past highschool uniform on campus, and gather on grass field in front of POSCO International Center, celebrating April Fool’s Day. In Korea, it is a popular custom among university students to wear their highschool uniform on April Fool’s Day. 
This year, Student Union announced the official highschool uniform event on April 1st for a long period in advance so that students could prepare their uniforms. The atmosphere on site was very bright that every student felt like being young again as high school students. They took photos together, gathered on grass having lunch, laughed and jumped around.
Furthermore, Student Union prepared a dozen of school uniform and lent to people who couldn’t bring their own, in order to give them opportunity to fully enjoy the event. Student Union also lent several materials for taking pictures like hair bands with ribbons, small flowers, instagram board, and so on.

3) Before Sunrise
Before Sunrise was a film show under the night of April 27, held on the grass field in front of POSCO International Center. It was designed for the emotional healing of students who were tired of studying for the midterm tests. People could watch movies outdoor under calm night sky with huge movie screen, pretty luminous bands, free beer, and eight camping tents so that people felt like camping on campus.
During the intermission after each movie, the host leaded a brief radio, reading stories received and playing requested songs. “It was just a fantasy that I could see films on the grass sitting inside the tent,” said a freshman participant.
Unfortunately, the weather was particularly cold since the day before the event was rainy all day. The director of Before Sunrise knew this so he could prepare portable hotpack and gave them to the participants free.