Sunrise Festival at POSTECH
Sunrise Festival at POSTECH
  • Reporter Kim Su-min, Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2018.05.30 20:58
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▲People enjoying daytime booths
▲People enjoying daytime booths

There were several difficulties about the 2018 Sunrise Festival. The first one was the strengthened crack down of the liquor tax law governing the sale of liquor. The Ministry of Education sent an official document ‘Cooperation for guiding compliance with the liquor tax law about undergraduate’s selling liquor’ to each university. According to the liquor tax law, a person without a liquor sales business license would be sentenced to up to 3 years in jail or fined up to 30 million KRW. Because all of the booths selling liquor during the Sunrise Festival are street stalls, the owners of booths cannot get a license. Consequently, it is inevitable to violate the Liquor Tax Law when selling liquor and this issue became a hot potato amongst students.

The second one was the insufficient period. A candidate for the chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Sunrise Festival (PCSF) did not appear until March 6, the closing date of the application, and despite a one week extension, nobody applied. So the SGNN recruited members of the PCSF, and 9 applied right up until March 22, the original closing date.After a one week extension, 35 members were organized for the beginning of April. Only about one month left for the PCSF to prepare. Accordingly, there was concern regarding the lack of preparation and the possible incompletion of the Sunrise Festival.

The actual festival was held for 3 days, with booths open during both day and night. During the day, booths were operated by the PCSF and clubs. All the booths were fun, and especially the POBBA red bean ice flakes delivery service was beloved by all students. At night, most of the booths were run by departments and a few clubs. Particularly the “Meat Playground” booth operated by the CSE was a huge success, and of course, all other booths all went well.

The consensus of the student body was that due to the aforementioned situation, the festival wouldn’t be fun at all. However, the PCSF prepared day and night trying to provide the best festival possible.

The committee circumvented the restriction on undergraduate’s selling liquor through the POSTECH Food Services jointly purchasing all the liquor and then selling it. Many thought it would be bothersome to move back and forth from booth to the school restaurant where the alcohol was sold. But due to the smallness of our school, it was such a short distance which was acceptable. Another good thing about joint purchasing the liquor was that the price was amazingly low.

As for the short preparatory period, the festival was perceived to be imperfect. However, students still enjoyed the festival, letting off the stress that they had built up.

Park Su-bin (Mueunjae 18) said, “it was pleasant enjoying the night after such a long time. I got closer to friends whom enjoyed the festival with.” Seok Min-sang (CSE 16) said he really enjoyed the last performance given by the invited Noel, and that it was nice to be able to play to one’s heart’s consent before the finals come up.

There was a lot of talk session about the invited singers, The ADE and Noel. Many were disgruntled by the fact that they were not famous as singers invited by other bigger universities. However, the performance was a huge success finishing off what was a mostly successful festival.
Despite a few difficulties, the Sunrise Festival finished on a positive note. Following the conclusion of the festival, several anonymous writers posted their excited feelings and thanks about the festival on the anonymous Facebook source page the POSTECH Bamboo Forest.