Q&As With the 32nd UA
Q&As With the 32nd UA
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2018.04.18 16:33
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▲Interviewing the president (left) and vice president on the pledges
▲Interviewing the president (left) and vice president on the pledges

Q. Regarding the improvement of smoking areas, please give specific details. 
Last year, the 31st UA installed a fire hydrant. Since the budget was fixed last year, we are striving to get support from school. Also, involving the Dormitory Union, enhancing the student perception toward the smoking areas is thought to be important. Several smoking booths with a simple roof are planned to be set in specific areas. The application for an unmanned information desk within the school district is under consideration with the General Affairs and Safety.

Q. Since the cross-country march is outside the budget of the UA, you have mentioned a possible sponsor outside POSTECH. We are curious about any progress.
Even though we have some budget left over from our predecessors, we cannot afford 12 million KRW for only one event. We are planning to contact with various possible sponsors after the midterm exam period. Presently, the UA is keeping in touch with the Student Affars for consultation.

Q. Please tell us about the plan to manage the mentoring archive other than through regular back up. It could be a problem in terms of copyright and viruses.
We are not worried about the security because the platform is ‘Google Drive’. The most feasible form is open source, confirming the copyrighters for agreement beforehand. Exclusively chosen manpower will run it initially, gradually minimizing the involvement of the UA. Eventually voluntary participation from students is ideal, in turn, developing into a community.

Q. What is the difference regarding the open office enforcement from the previous UA?
There is a remodeling task force to cope with this pledge. They are focusing on reorganizing the space, so that the students can freely spend time while securing a working space. After midterm exams, remodeling will take place. Also, by adjusting the location of the entrance, working spaces will not be seen upon entering the office. It is hoped that this will create a more flexible and open work environment.

Q. There are many foreign exchange students here in POSTECH. Have you prepared any pledges for them?
Unfortunately, no pledge was made for foreign exchange students, since we have focused our priorities on students with full membership. However, we are taking into account various things that all members of POSTECH can enjoy such as UA’s Day. As it has not been decided yet, we are considering translating UA’s Day poster into English for publication.

Q. There have been two sizable earthquakes in Pohang. Is there an earthquake evacuation manual which the UA is making?
Notably, there was an earthquake maneuver meeting recently. The members consisted of the student presidents from each department. It was agreed that the members of student organizations will be informed of updated earthquake maneuvers and following that, the general public will be informed. Also, POSTECH is making a comprehensive earthquake evacuation manual to be distributed to students. The UA will actively inform and promote that manual once it is published.

The pledges made by the 32nd UA are mostly derivatives of its predecessors. Also, compared to its predecessors, the 32nd UA has significantly less pledges. However, considering the fact that the current UA members were formed rather recently, consequently not giving them much time to plan and prepare, it seems like the present UA has focused on their pledges’ feasibility and practicality. Notably, ever though no pledge was prepared for exchange students, the UA has implied positive intentions to involve all foreign students. Harmony and positive communication between foreign students and Postechians are expected and strongly encouraged. To conclude, students should keep an eye on projects involving the UA, while encouraging their hard work and positive intentions.