The 20th Commemoration of the Late Founding President Hogil Kim
The 20th Commemoration of the Late Founding President Hogil Kim
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2014.04.30 17:52
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On Apr. 26, as part of the 20th Commemoration of the late founding President Hogil Kim, Postechians including faculty, staff, and students visited his grave at Jirye, Andong city. This was to pay tribute to his virtuous influence and contributions to POSTECH.
While Dr. Hongil Kim was in POSTECH as the founding President, he emphasized research based education for the development of POSTECH. Moreover, he promoted the idea of providing all students with scholarship and dormitories so that they can focus on only studying. In addition to that, Dr. Hongil Kim received acceptance from the government to establish the first Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL) in Korea.
The Commemoration Ceremony itself is to be held on Apr. 30 at the Hogil Kim Memorial Hall in front of Dr. Hogil Kim’s bust sculpture. Afterwards, there is to be a PAL tour & exhibition in promotion of Hogil Kim Week and Hogil Kim Fund-raising Event, a luncheon, and a commemorative forum at the POSCO International Center. This forum is to be chaired by Professor Baik Sunggi, the former president of POSTECH. Lastly, a commemorative speech titled “POSTECH’s Continuous Adventure” will be delivered by Mr. Lee, Sukwoo (class of 1987, ME).