POSTECH Admission for 2018
POSTECH Admission for 2018
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2017.10.11 01:08
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POSTECH admissions period was from Sep. 11 to 13 this year. POSTECH has selected freshmen with unscheduled admissions since 2010. Students will be admitted based on two application categories: regular and Creative IT Engineering (CiTE). Out of 320 freshmen, twenty of them will enter the school for CiTE. One applicant cannot apply for both categories in one year. The acceptance rate for the regular model and creative IT model was 7.32 and 5.05 this year. Primary successful applicants will be announced on the day after the Korean College Scholastic Ability Test, held Nov 17. After the integrated interviews in November, the final qualifiers will be revealed on Dec. 8.
From this year, POSTECH recruits all students without any specific major declaration except for CiTE. Freshmen will determine their major through studying basic courses and enhancing their comprehension in major subjects. No external force will be applied on the decision of departments to secure students’ right of choice. Accordingly, POSTECH is planning to implement a bachelor course giving weight to motivation and research. POSTECH has provided a solid education for students since opening in 1986. Programs and courses that are only possible through this kind of policy will be extended to provide students with the virtues of a good education. Even though this curriculum is for students after 2018, partial courses like internships will feed into the current curriculum of enrolled students.